Things Lizzie Schofield Finds Silly

Lizzie Schofield of Pfander reviewed a post I had done recently, she was quite curt and very professional in what she had to say:

After much consideration, I decided to put together a quick table to summarize what Lizzie finds silly and not silly:


Table 1 – Things Lizzie Schofield Finds Silly


After using some complicated graphing formulas, I was able to put into graphical form, a summary of her views on silliness:

lizzie silly graphs

Graph 1 – Things Lizzie Schofield Finds Silly

At a 4 to 1 ratio, Lizzie Schofield finds it absolutely silly to reproach a young Christian apologist for misusing his budding ministry’s donated resources to advertise that the next day is his birthday. This may give us a very deep insight into how Pfander manages their donated resources.

On the other hand, Lizzie finds it absolutely not silly to dictate to Muslim women what they should wear based on her own preferences and beliefs, after all, Muslim women choosing to wear what they want based on their beliefs is absolutely immoral, only Lizzie knows what Muslim women should wear.

Lizzie also finds it absolutely not silly to be told what colour she should wear to Hyde Park, after all, allowing a group she agrees with to tell her what to wear is okay:

lizzie silly

Picture 1 – Colour Coordinating for Christ

Lizzie finds it not silly to misrepresent someone’s video, lie about a police report and then pretend that she did nothing wrong:

Lastly, Lizzie, after Pfander has encouraged Muslims to “use” and “believe in” the Bible, finds it not silly to encourage the mocking and insulting of Muslims by her Christian peers:

lizzie jm

Picture 2 – Apologetics Academy Mocking Muslims


Picture 3 – Lizzie Schofield Finds this Not Silly

All in all, it’s not like someone pointed out that the post was both mocking and cruel in the comments…

lizzie cruel

Picture 4 – It’s Okay to be Cruel

I would like to thank Lizzie Schofield for teaching us what is silly and what isn’t. Without her, I’d never have known the difference, surely Pfander is doing some great groundbreaking work here. Surely without their hard work, we wouldn’t have had a scandal about ham in Harrow.

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13 replies

  1. Brilliant !

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  2. Is Paul still crying he got the smack down from a girl? No wonder he runs for the hills anytime someone suggests he debates Sam, Wood or White.

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  3. What’s silly is that she does not find her man made doctrine silly


  4. What about spectacles coordination?


  5. Interestingly, the color yellow represents Cowardice, Sickness, Jealousy. and most applicably – Deceit.

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  6. “Lizzie finds it not silly to misrepresent someone’s video”

    A Muslim blew her head off in the video, there is no misrepresenting that its in the video.



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