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  1. I really appreciate remarks and comments like this from the Pope.

    Unfortunately, many Christians today sit on their perch and look down upon Muslims as if errant children who need to be lectured and corrected, I wish more Protestants would take a lesson from the Pope and exhibit a more positive and respectful approach with Muslims.

    When we view each other as brothers and sisters in the Abrahamic faith, we start to realize our commonalities and emphasize those things while still acknowledging and even celebrating our differences. This helps us to understand that as people of similar faiths we have many of the same goals, (i.e. moral society, justice, charity, righteousness, reverence for the sacred, etc.) Christians and Muslims should be the closest allies in the world, standing against the rising tide of irreligious thinking, and living. Instead of constantly bickering, we should be working TOGETHER to build a more peaceful and righteous world.

    Inshallah Qareeb.

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