McLatchie argues that Acts is “trinitarian”


Dale Tuggy shows how McLatchie attempt to read his evangelical tradition into the New Testament text as fallacious and if consistently applied would lead to silly interpretations.

Read the whole devastating critique of McLatchie reasoning at Professor Dale Tuggy’s Trinities blog …


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  1. “Friend, we must avoid rationalism – the bad habit of refusing to believe things one can’t understand.”


  2. Why do spocks ears look like harf seen?


  3. The Indiscernibility of Identicals:

    “The Indiscernibility of Identicals: Necessarily, any A and B are identical only if they (1) never have differed, (2) don’t differ, (3) will not ever differ, and (4) could not differ.”

    More simply put –
    “Necessarily, any A and B are identical only if they could not simultaneously or timelessly differ.”

    Right, Jesus received the spirit from the Father. (Acts 2:33) The Father didn’t receive his spirit from anyone. It follows that they are numerically two.

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    • Exactly, Jesus are begotten (as churchs fathers put it) from the Father. They can not be the same God. They can only be: One God (creator) and His creation , the muslim understanding, …or two numerically distinct god persons, a trinitarian position, that makes it two gods…

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  4. I’ve noticed mclatchie beyond the average evangelical rhetoric struggles to deal with problems highlighted by polemicists and apologists.

    Hopefully he will give up the Trinity idea soon.

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