One of the Reasons Why James White is being Attacked by Usama Dakdok and Sam Shamoun…the Main Reason?

Muslims may have noticed Dr James White being attacked by the Christian right wing, specifically Christians who make their livelihood out of the Islamophobia industry. You know, the “hey Americans, the Muslims are commanded to kill Americans, you guys need me to come to your churches and pay me to speak out against Muslims and Islam” types who don’t have jobs but steal a living out of fear-mongering against Muslims.

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James White has made some important statements about arguments against the Quran and the Prophet which are being used by Christian  apologists – these statements if applied consistently condemn the methods of  Jay Smith and David Wood as inconsistent and unfair.

We’ve all seen wild-eyed Christian apologists on the internet coming out with attacks against the Prophet such as the thighing hoax , necrophilia claim or the claim of cross dressing. All of those mentioned are from David Wood. But the polemics of Jay Smith, Usama Dakdok or Joseph Najm from ABN would all tie in with James’ criticism of arguments against Prophet Muhammad.

To be honest, they could have been from many more Christian polemicists, that’s how rampant this abandonment of fairness, truth, and respect for others and oneself actually is  amongst internet Christian polemicists. One thing that is clear, Muslims have been looking  at each other perplexed due to the noticeable lack of Christian elders, pastors or even their more mature colleagues to rebuke them or make some sort of statement about polemics that are quite frankly embarrassing to any Christian with a shred of desire for truth, accuracy, consistency and fairness.

We know it’s difficult for a Christian to come out and do so due to the way Christian apologetics to Muslims works – it’s herd mentality and group think. The person who doesn’t join in winds up having less support, less popularity and I’d imagine less cash!

So it’s great to see James R White making these statements about Christians using unfair and inconsistent polemics against the Quran and the Prophet.

I’ve personally spoken out against the polemic that Paul of Tarsus performed a homosexual act during a circumcision. I was told they (those who propagate that polemic) only do so because “they (the Christians) do it to us (the Muslims)”.  Clearly, there’s a vicious circle of malicious polemics.

James does not name Christians who attack Islam with unfair and inconsistent arguments who he claims “threw him under the bus” but that’s immaterial here. It’s important to know, if you apply James White’s statements consistently and are familiar with the methodologies of David Wood and Jay Smith then one would conclude his statements about unfair and inconsistent attacks on the Prophet and the Quran would at the very least apply to a bulk of their work. There’s no two ways about it. Anybody who has seen their arguments knows they operate on an inconsistent and unfair paradigm. I just hope some church elders can pull them aside and talk to them.

I think James White and those Christians who are of a similar mindset will agree with this piece 100%  of how the argumentation style of folks such as Beth Grove, David Wood, Usama Dakdok and Sam Shamoun lead to Christians questioning and doubting Christianity.

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  1. The blatant deceit and dishonesty of many Christian apologists never ceases to amaze me. It is sad how they sell out their own moral values and principles and are so readily willing to sink to the lowest depths in order to unscrupulously spread so much lies, slander, confusion and misunderstanding about Islam – all in order to muddy the water in a last ditch effort to justify their own doctrines and beliefs, which were not even taught by Prophet Jesus himself, or if nothing else, to shamelessly maintain their own income stream through the “cash cow” of the Islamophopia industry.

    Many Christian apologists today operate on an inconsistent and unfair paradigm, which generally results in weakly based arguments which only highlight their own ignorance, double standards, disingenuity, extreme bias and unwillingness to be honest and truthful. Furthermore, if these weak arguments are logically followed through, they often backfire, causing more harm to Christian theology and polemics than benefits.

    What an dishonest and untruthful act in betrayal of the honest truth as taught by the true Abrahamic faith tradition!! I think all decent and educated Christians should be ashamed of such sinful tactics which are used so often by their own co-religionist Christian apologetic polemicists today. All good and honest Christians and Christian leaders should find the courage to call these disingenuous apologists out on such tactics in defense of the honest truth. Otherwise such sinful acts will bring shame on the name of those good Christians whose silence often seems to agree with such shameful deeds.

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  2. “The blatant deceit and dishonesty of many Muslim apologists never ceases to amaze me”, is exactly what Christians say all the time, so why don’t you go and debate these ‘deceitful’ and ‘dishonest’ people in an open forum that is properly regulated to prove your point? Just remember you have to back up your claims with proof and facts, unlike your vague and generalized statements above.


    • Dude if you’re going to be this silly then just don’t bother coming here. The fact that Shamoun tries to justify his redicilous claim that Allah is the best of deceivers while his own Bible states many times that God deceived people is just mind boggling. He uses word gymnastics like no other to try and bullshit his way out of it.


    • He claims Allah is a deceiver based on a verse in the Quran which is taken out of context. I can play that game with the Bible too.

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    • As long as these Christian missionaries are using right wing arguments and the legacy of white supremacy there is nothing to discuss with them. It’s clear that they are not honest.

      But if they stopped behaving in this disgusting way. Christianity is a religion that believes in a God who changes his form and mind. This is not God. For any Muslim who falls for this and becomes a Christian no punishment could be appropriate.

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