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  1. Good to have you back!

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  2. Quite joyful to have you back!

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  3. Welcome back.
    I hope to continue since this is kind of Jihad.

    Reagrding that Hadith,
    It always affects on my soul. I’ve put my finger on the water even. There’s no comparison between the water remaining on the finger and the water of the sea.

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  4. Welcome back hope you don’t let that mean old Robert Wells aka Radical Moderate drive you away


  5. Bro PW is back! Yea!!!

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  6. I’m your huckleberry 🙂


  7. Alhamdulillah, welcome back brother!

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  8. Good.


  9. We thank Eric, Burhannudin, Yahya, Ijaz, ken Temple, Mozer G, Richard etc. for keeping the blog alive. May God reward you all and let us accept the truth as it is. Ameen.

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  1. I’m back! | kokicat

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