Sam Shamoun Tries to Make Money on Patreon

James White has rebuked Sam Shamoun as somebody who is harming the Christian evangelical effort and James has said people are using fear to make money out of the islamophobia industry – this Sam Shamoun fella fits the bill. Please be good custodians of your money and do not give this man any money. Let him go out and get a job like the rest of us. Give your money to charities which help poor and homeless people. They really need the money.

Consult James White if you’re a Christian who is unsure – James does not recommend this man. Remember Sam is not the most reliable when it comes to donations. He has gone silent on the book donation drive and he was silent on ABN for years whilst collecting cash for ABN’s Bassim Goriel only to come out recently declaring him as a money hungry untrustworthy person who should not receive funding any longer.

You really don’t need to be paying this man 100s of dollars to “learn” anything. He has no qualifications and he has no business asking people for money to repeat stuff he has continually written and said on the internet over the years. Stuff which is available for free. Stuff which has been refuted too!


Dr White has warned Christians about people who have a vested interest ($$$) in fear-mongering against Muslims and Islam.

For those unaware of Sam’s history, minister White has got files on Shamoun, James has recently threatened to reveal these files exposing Sam Shamoun.

Here is a long rebuke of Sam by James

Minister White has publicly stated he does not recommend Sam Shamoun anymore and he considers him to be a man who has “lost it”. Clearly James would not recommend donating to Sam Shamoun and funding his hateful and pseudo-scholarly activities. James warns churches that Sam Shamoun is not a reliable source “in any way, shape or form”.

Dr James White would also consider Sam to be a dishonest reader of Islamic texts

Minister James has said Sam has been rejecting Bible teachings based on his hatred for James

I would point people to Sam Shamoun’s friend who was collecting cash for anti-Islam books. They still have not produced any books and there is not public statement on whether any cash received was returned.

More on Sam Shamoun here to understand his level in apologetics and character.

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  1. This is rubbish. Sam Shamoun freely gives many hours of his personal time to talk and educate people on the Trinity, Islam, and Christianity in general. I guess James White is now the poster boy for promoting Islam as a peaceful, misunderstood, religion. I have never been impressed by anything he said. He is a sarcastic and rude person who should be ashamed to carry the title of minister. He was clearly in the wrong for inviting the jihadist into a church to spread lies about Islam without refuting the statements. I was Muslim for about 25 years, so I have lived that life. Most Muslims don’t have a clue what their religion actually teaches. As I continue my research, it is so obvious that Islam is the result of a self – absorbed, deceiving, narcissist’s quest for glory. It’s a religion created by Satan.


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