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  1. Shalom Sir Paul. On May 10, 2017 you posted a quote from Prof Dale C. Allison on the Epistle of James, who correctly noted that the Epistle was from the Torah-Observant Jewish followers of the Messiah, ” who did not define themselves over against Judaism ..attended synagogue and wished to maintain irenic relations with those who did not share their belief that Jesus was the Messiah”. Many eminent scholars of the first rank have noted the self-evident fact that this Epistle contravened core Pauline assumptions and beliefs. Among those who saw the contradiction between Paul and James were John Calvin and Martin Luther, the latter who famously labelled the Epistle of James as an ”Epistle of Straw”. Martin Luther openly believed that the Epistle of James could not be divinely inspired nor even from James since he saw the contradictions. Even the Ministry of James White, Alpha and Omega recognized this and stated :

    ”It is true Luther had a contextual problem with the content on James. He saw a contradiction between Paul and James on faith and works. ”

    The link is down below. This is shocking since this is evidence that the most eminent of Christian scholars and theologians have doubted certain books in the Bible and the issue of canon is really open to question, even today. Furthermore this is evidence of contradiction between the books of the Bible and the fact that even those filled with the holy spirit recognize it. I hope you investigate this issue even more and expose the fault-lines. James 2 contradicts Romans 4. I have also posted John Calvins commentary on the Epistle of Straw at the bottom.




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