Apologetics Academy’s Vile Abuse of Yusuf Ismail

Jonathan McLatchie’s “Apologetics” “Academy” eroded into chaos earlier today when Chris Claus, one of the “Academy’s” representatives lashed out against our esteemed and well respected Br. Yusuf Ismail of South Africa.


Chris Claus’ attack on Br. Yusuf was in response to this post made by Br. Yusuf. It would be wise to notice that he mentioned Dr. White in a good light, the picture above therefore demonstrating that Chris chose to ignore the context in which Br. Yusuf mentioned Dr. White:


Yet it did not stop there, Chris continued on his rant:


There’s a reason that Chris lost his temper and reacted in the way he did. Br. Yusuf recently refused to debate Chris Claus due to false accusations, open slander and insults by him against our Br. Shadid Lewis. Chris admitted as much, and then true to form, out of nowhere once again, began to attack Br. Shadid with a vile accusation:


The problem is…Chris was lying…again:


As can clearly be seen, Br. Yusuf Ismail never made his Paltalk comment with respect to Br. Shadid Lewis, he made it with respect to Sam Shamoun. Yet, through some fantastic mental gymnastics, Chris decided that the comment about Paltalk  must have been in reference to Br. Shadid. His own Christian colleague was quick to point out that it was quite obvious that the comment about Paltalk was indeed a reference to Sam Shamoun, it had nothing to do with Br. Shadid Lewis. In other words, Chris’ debate offer to Br. Yusuf Ismail was rejected by Br. Yusuf due to Chris’ attacks against Br. Shadid Lewis (who incidentally also had a cancelled debate with Chris – a pattern is emerging here) a few months ago.

It is no coincidence then, that when once again faced with rejection, Chris Claus chose to attack Br. Shadid Lewis again for no apparent reason! This fixation of Chris Claus to constantly attack Br. Shadid Lewis, when Br. Shadid had nothing to do with today’s conversation is quite striking. In any case, Chris continued with his rabid diatribe:


We’ve gone from having Br. Yusuf being called a “snake”, to being lied about (the Br. Shadid accusation), to being called “disgusting”, to issuing a boycott against Br. Yusuf. It did not stop there:


Out of nowhere, Chris Claus unleashed a crazy, absurd and wholly invective claim against Br. Yusuf Ismail. This is the same Br. Yusuf Ismail who has publicly and privately condemned terrorism, debated extremists, declared that terrorists were heretical folk who misused the name of Islam for their own political agendas. Br. Yusuf even recently debated the topic of ISIS and Islam, where he consistently, cogently and clearly remonstrated the beliefs of terrorists:

In other words, we have learned that some elements of the Christian community who align themselves with Sam Shamoun, have no quandry in incessantly creating false claims about Muslims in order to defame, attack and denigrate their characters. Such behaviour is uncalled for, and it is clear that Jonathan McLatchie’s “Apologetics” “Academy” is producing a constant stream of unqualified, dishonest misinformation against Muslims.

The attacks by this one individual against Br. Shadid Lewis, Br. Aqil Onque, Br. Yusuf Ismail and myself, are personal, emotional and infantile.

We pray that God guides Chris Claus to rectify his character, behaviour and faith.

and God knows best.

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  1. Disgraceful behaviour especially from someone related to Santa.

    Perhaps he didn’t take his family advice of checking a written document twice! 😑

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