Book Review: Dr. Dale Tuggy, “What is the Trinity?”

Interesting review.

Buried Deep

Taking a momentary break from the Hermes & John audio series, here’s a brisk review of a brand new book that will benefit anyone interested in Christian theology: What is the Trinity? by Dr. Dale Tuggy.

whatisthetrinitybookClocking in at around 150 pages, “What is the Trinity?” exhibits a pace as quick as its author’s wit. Written for the interested public, it’s candid, surprisingly funny, and above all, profoundly challenging. Indeed, an important Christian task rests at the heart of this little book: Dr. Tuggy wants us to think critically about the “official” Christian doctrine of God.

For many this has seemed an undesirable task—even an impossible one. Most Christians have been conditioned to not think too hard about who or what the God of the Bible is; there has long been a sense of danger cast over the whole business of investigating the Trinity. However, as Tuggy assures…

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