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  1. I suspect we can be confident that the answer is yes (i.e. James White believes the Godpel of John records historical words and deeds of Jesus).

    Now, perhaps Dr. White merely presupposes such, on faith. If you’d like to discussed arguments against such a belief, I’d be happy to explore such with you.


    • Thanks Denis but I am seeking a discussion with James on this point. I note in passing that your own eminent Roman Catholic scholars such as Fr Raymond Brown have quite nuanced views on this question.


    • Greetings Paul

      If discussion with Dr. White does come about, do you plan to present arguments against the historicity of John in the course of such discussion? If so, might you share some of those arguments with interested readers, here?

      And yes, there are a number of Catholic scholars who have expressed rather nuanced views on the subject. Is there a particular argument you would like to explore?


    • Let’s wait and see dude

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  2. Selhurst Evangelical Centre, he must be in London. Can’t imagine many Christians in London are Reformed Christians.


  3. Even James, a man devoted to his church tradition, will have to say no.

    He hill do so based on the forgery of the PA but the rest of John, I think he will consider to be reliable based on faith in his church tradition.


  4. Looking forward to the discussion.


  5. JW intends to preach on James and fails to add “insha Allah”. Telling.

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