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  1. 1.mel Gibson is a sick sob
    2. Ken temple probably has that picture in every room in his house
    3. it makes no sense why man god myth would receiving a whipping when whole point of crucifixion was to make one suffer?
    4.hundreds of jews were crucified
    5. you don’t need to beat up a god in your mind or celebrate suffering .
    6. yhwh says humans spilled blood does not atone.
    7. That isn’t a Levitical sacrifice
    8.people who suffer from severe depression might self abusing themselves, pictures like that are not good for the mind or soul
    9. Mary mag ran away from the tomb full of joy, even she would agree that picture is sick.

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  2. Can you imagine that almost half of the population on this globe believe & think that the wisdom behind creating this universe is to believe in this pic!?
    It’s really a sad story!


    • it is a reversal of judaism. the whole point of it is to tell that only through destruction of a god can victory be attained. The vicarious atonement means that DESTRUCTION is a good thing. BUT, look at every time yhwh rescues in the Torah, he never gets destroyed, he does the destroying. It is reversal of yhwh himself.



  1. The Vicarious Atonement proves that torture can be a good thing. | kokicat

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