Hatun Tash’s Teacher’s Abuse Scandal Continues – Sam Shamoun Strikes Again!

Hatun, for around a decade I have been the subject of this type of abuse from your friend/teacher, Sam Shamoun. Sadly, I’m not the only one – he’s been abusing various people (including Christians) for years now via social media, internet com-boxes and emails as well as PalTalk

Hatun Shamoun Green

I understand you recently apologised for unsavoury comments you made in a London park about a deceased Muslim:

I am really sorry for making such a comment. It was something, l said at the that moment, any meaning and feeling. I am a Christian and my faith does not give me such a right to say something like this.

I appreciate your apology. However, if you truly believe the comment you made about a deceased Muslim speaker was unbecoming of a Christian and apology-worthy then surely your PalTalk teacher/friend needs to apologise for abusing me as well as James White, Yusuf Ismail and other Muslims including Dr Shabir Ally over the course of decades (less with respect to James).

He has restarted his abuse and I’ve been perturbed by a shameless slur he reposted from a Nigerian Christian called Korede claiming I called online abuse of Nabeel’s death “thoughtful” –  this is a malicious lie especially considering I’m friends with Nabeel’s cousin and that others have appreciated my sensitivity and call for restraint and support around the news of his illness and his death. Sadly, facts seemingly do not matter to certain folks. A chance to have a pop and hurt somebody seemingly trumps truth for certain people.

My “crime” has simply been to refute, rebuke and challenge his claims online as witnessed by the Sam Shamoun section and my most recent debate challenge to him.

Sam slime abuse 1

Sam Shamoun calls me “sewage” and “slime”. He uses such de-humanising terms for people he feels threatened by regularly – he’s being doing it for years. Is this something you believe is endorsed by Christianity? IIRC Sam Shamoun justifies his hardline stance by claiming Jesus was harsh with certain people in the NT. I suspect he believes Jesus agrees with his abuse and it is biblical behaviour. You can verify whether this is the case or not.

In our last email exchange which a Christian radio/TV show presenter as CC’d in he called me all of the following:

A “vile dog”, “slime” “Muhammadan dog” “swine”, “vile rabid dog” who wants to “muzzle” my “rabid mouth”

I’ve forwarded these abusive emails to my friend, reverend Samuel Green, he can confirm this and even resend you the email thread if you want to investigate before rebuking him and requesting he apologise to me and other victims of his hurtful abuse.

Sam Slime abuse

I also understand your group (via Lizzie Schofield’s comments) believes Jesus will return with a sword and deal with those you believe are his enemies (i.e. Muslims and other non Trinitarians) and that some Christians believe Jesus ordered the killing of the men, women and children of disobedient groups such as in 1 Samuel 15 and Numbers 31. Perhaps this partly explains Sam’s contempt and low view of Muslims – perhaps for him he is just following the sentiment set by the example of the man he calls the “Prince of Peace”.

Christians tell us they are in-dwelt by the Holy Spirit and the Spirit works on them. I, time and time again, find this belief to be self-refuted by Christian behaviour. It’s not just the porn stats where the vast majority of Christian men are porn viewers but it’s just everyday stuff like the dishonesty and abusive types in the evangelical camp. How can you seriously expect anybody to believe folks like that are filled with the a Spirit which you believe to be God?

Samuel Green,

I’ve forwarded you the most recent bout of abusive emails, do you notice the Christian radio show host did not publicly rebuke Sam for his tirades of abuse?

Years ago, I implored you to have a word as Muslims were on the end of his Sam Shamoun’s tirades of abuse. I don’t think you’ve said anything to him (publicly at least). Now that Dr James White has denounced him and refused to recommend him whilst labelling him as somebody who “has lost it” are you willing to help Muslims in the wake of such abuse?

Reverend Samuel, I understand you at least read what Muslims say in response to Christian missionary polemics, I get the feeling you have little confidence in much of the polemical material coming from your co-religionists. I’d urge you to look inot the Trinity idea, if the Trinity idea is false your religion of Christianity is false. Your faith stands upon the Trinity doctrine, I’ve highlighted Paul of Tarsus did not even believe in the Trinity doctrine. Look, forget about emotionalism linked to your childhood and/or culture (Jesus is not even from your culture, he was a brown, Middle-Eastern man), do you really think you should be believing in the Trinity? Don’t get back to me on this, just spend a couple of weeks doing objective research into this and pray to the God of Abraham about this asking Him to guide you.

For Muslims who are abused by Sam for simply having beliefs that accurately represent what Jesus believed rather than later church creedal accretions, here are some comforting words purported to be from Jesus:

11“Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. 12Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you. [Matt 5]

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