It is possible Las Vegas was an ISIS attack after all. Here is why..

Rukmini Callimachi is Correspondent for The New York Times covering ISIS. She has just tweeted the following comments. Read them in order from number 1. to 14. Apologies, they were copied out of order by me. 

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  1. This is interesting, but I personally remain unconvinced. Whatever the case, from the Alton Nolen case, I have concluded that these sorts of murderers don’t need DĀ`ISh to inspire them (rather they can simply embrace Dawlat al-Irhābiya because the see the organization as holding to what they already believe in).

    Alton Nolen’s social media accounts are no longer up, but the day after he beheaded his co-worker (in 2014?), I got to peruse those accounts. Mere months before the murder, he was a fan of an especially nasty fringe KJV-onlyist group based in New York (which also has a branch in London, by the way). He wasn’t a member of the group, but he was a fan, posting their stuff. That group openly fantasizes about a future in which they’re going to behead their enemies and rape the wives and daughters of their enemies. Then, one could see in Nolen’s posts that quite suddenly, he transitioned from being a fan of that group to identifying as a Muslim and being a DĀ`ISh fanboy. It dawned on me that he probably wasn’t bowled over by arguments for Islām; rather, perhaps, he was already a guy who fetishized beheadings and rapes, and so he transitioned from a group which (at present) only talks about such things to a group which actually engages in them now.

    So maybe this Las Vegas shooter became a fanboy of the “Dawla” too in the last few months (I’m not convinced, but I won’t deny the possibility). If so, it would say more about him than anything else. Some men have the desire to kill already in them, and then gravitate to a group like DĀ`ISh as a result.

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  2. Wow, she gave no concrete evidence


  3. This terrorist has a girlfriend who he might have sent to Philippines and according to investigation, he was seen with another woman before the shooting. Isis will not like their member to be chasing women publicly here and there.

    The Double Standard In How The Media Is Portraying The Las Vegas Shooter
    Headlines described the man behind the biggest mass shooting in modern U.S. history as a country music fan.

    Had this guy got a Middle Eastern name, Donald Trump would have used “Muslim terrorist” 20 times in one speech. He would have been called terrorist with primitive ideology. I don’t why this guy has no primitive ideology for this massacre.



  4. There’s zero evidence ISIS were behind this, beyond their say-so – they will claim to be behind anything to further their agenda. Until the reasons behind what happened become known, everything is speculation.

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