James White Is Not Impressed by David Wood’s Arguments and Behaviour

Dr White believes David Wood is inconsistent in argumentation against Muslims. James needless to say, will not be using those inconsistent arguments. Dr White also describes some of David Wood’s behaviour as unwise.

James White is correct. James White is brave to come out and say this publicly. Before Mr Shamoun decides to put his gum-shield in, Dr White also said disagreement does not mean hate. Easy Tyson!

Do Acts 17 Apologetics and Pfander Films Contribute to Apostasy of Christians?


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  1. Dr. James White has debated many Muslims and learned a lot in the process. His conclusion is that Islam is not evil and Muslims are are not evil as Sam Shamoun wants us to believe. Dr. James White still believes Muslims are lost. We also believed our friend Dr. James White is lost but he is our friend.


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  2. Maybe White also means we should be consistent with his view of what should and should not be in the text of the bible.

    Will Kinney doesn’t call him James White-Out for nothing.


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