Accusations against Australian Muslims refuted

Rev Samuel Green

Recently the Rev Samuel Green, an evangelical from Australia “who spends most of my time helping people engage with their Muslim friends” complained on Blogging Theology that Muslims have failed to speak out in favour of traditional marriage in Australia. Christians he claimed are the solitary heroes who are uniquely standing up for marriage.

He complained bitterly that:

“Christians are the only ones speaking up for traditional marriage in Australia. We are getting insulted and shut down but we are active. The Muslims have been publicly silent.”

But this is completely false.  Green exposes his ignorance of Australian Muslims who at the highest levels have spoken out. Australian Council of Imams President Yusuf Peer said gay marriage was unacceptable to Islam, and that Muslims should respect LGBTQI people but “condemn only their actions”. A press release was issued on 17th August this year:

See the full statement from the Australian National Imams Council here.

The Australian National Imams Council (ANIC) is the only central, Islamic body that holds key representation from Australian-based Muslim clerics. Registered as a public company, ANIC was established in late 2006 as an umbrella organisation consisting of a Council of Imams, representing each Australian State and Territory.

ANIC seeks to unite the Councils of Imams of Australian States and Territories in order to streamline the activities of clerics in Australia thus, resulting in the greater benefit to the Australian Muslim community throughout the nation.


Perhaps Samuel Green might spend a little more time paying attention to what the Muslim community is actually doing in Australian public life. He might find allies in his cause.

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  1. Oh my God, Mozlems or in other words Muhammedans want to turn Australia into another Saudi Arabia….

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    • Throw out these pagan moon god worshipers…


    • and beware of their taqiyya by the way…


    • do you see the irony with the mood god “argument” ?

      they believe in theophanies and even god wrestling with people as a flesh being with wings

      post ot , god is identified as FULLY human.

      do you see the irony?

      why not be consistent and say that they worship a flesh and blood god?

      what is the problem with “moon god” ?

      would they have a problem if god was “fully god and fully moon” ?

      do you see the irony?


    • Thank you for reminding me of this episode… The “Almighty” could not “overpower” Jacob so he crippled him…what a mighty power indeed…


  2. Great post brother!

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  3. The most prominent muslim in Australia Waleed Aly aka the taqiyya kid was asked about about gay marriage. He said it was a non issue.

    Other muslims have let the cat out of the bag. They have said if we come out against gay marriage then the left will no longer support us.


    • You’re right, I agree that Waleed is kinda evasive on this subject….

      “They have said if we come out against gay marriage then the left will no longer support us”

      I’ve seen the article, you forgot to mention it’s out of fear of the right as well…


  4. Paul. Your post actually proves my point.

    The Islamic community in Australia has its own media machine, as all groups do, that is fine. And it is normally very vocal when it comes to issues like Muslim rights, Islamophobia, Western policy. You will hear their spokespeople everywhere: TV, radio, newsprint, internet, public forums, etc. However, on the same-sex marriage issue this has not been the case. The Islamic media machine has not run the Imams Council Press release. This is not my opinion but simply the observation of the media in Australia.

    So my comments still stand. Why have the Islamic media in Australia not put the same time and effort into the SSM debate as they do with Muslim rights, Islamophobia, Western policy?

    There are orthodox Muslims who have spoken up and this is great.

    p.s. Thanks for using a nice photo of me!


    • As far as i can remember, you weren’t talking about the Islamic media…


    • Nice.

      First it was :
      ” the ONLY ones speaking against homosexuality are the Christians”( brother Paul showed this to be a self serving lie)

      And now?
      “Why aren’t Muslims shouting from the rooftops against homosexuality ?”( oooh and isn’t that a just a spiffing photo of me?)

      This is just amazing .

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    • Samuel I had hoped you might have the good grace to admit you were wrong on this, but your need to criticise Muslims and score points is clearly your overriding agenda. Why are all evangelicals like this? Other christian groups are more… well Christian in their relations with Muslims. Think Pope Francis for example.

      To repeat, you wrongly claimed that:

      “Christians are the only ones speaking up for traditional marriage in Australia. We are getting insulted and shut down but we are active. The Muslims have been publicly silent.

      A major press release was issued to all the Australian media, press, tv, online, etc upholding traditional marriage. It represented all the imams of Australia.

      More could be done I agree but it is a lie to claim that “Muslims have been publicly silent”.

      Your bizarre comments remind me of that discredited hate preacher Jay smith who claimed that because of the Muslims he could not buy ham in his area of London. He was roundly mocked and refuted online.

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    • @Paul, who would expect that? I mean just look at the photo he’s got such an innocent face…

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  5. I haven’t seen a single public interview, protest, demonstration or otherwise from the Muslim community on this. I have to agree with Samuel.

    Meanwhile, the coalition for marriage and Australian Christian Lobby have copped the most criticism


    • ‘I haven’t seen a single public interview, protest, demonstration or otherwise from the Muslim community on this.’

      That’s because you don’t look or listen. Duh.

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    • Isn’t it interesting that you, a brit, seems to want to poke your nose in another nations affairs and act as if you know best? Don’t we have a term for that? Anyway, the muslims here are more honest than you.

      “With few exceptions, including a statement from the National Imams Council, almost all of the talk of religious freedom and opposition to the bill on the grounds of faith has come from Christian leaders, particularly from the Anglican and Catholic Churches.

      But now one Muslim leader has offered an explanation.

      Last night on ABC’s The Drum, Ali Kadri, spokesman for the Islamic Council of Queensland and the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, said his community was stuck with the choice of offending allies or siding with critics, and the result had been silence.”

      In other words, Muslims have been manipulating the country for Islamic purposes, siding with the left to further Islam but not willing to stand up for their morals. Typical taqqiyah strategy


    • “Siding with the left to further Islam but not willing to stand up for their morals”

      Bro in the same article it is written it’s out of fear of the conservatives…


    • muslims are by definition conservative. Saying they “fear” conservatives is typical of the Islamic communities strategy to use the left’s ideology to further Islam while the numbers are low. Muslims here won’t expose their disdain for homosexuality while their current allies are the homosexual lobby (who are generally anti religion ironically) It’s strange that they hop into bed with people who’s morals would be most outrageous to Islamic shariah.

      Muslims often accuse Christians of having no need to do good works, but on this moral discussion the Muslim community is demonstrating that they are actually the ones who are unwilling to stand up for right and proper morals. They have sided with the enemy to hide behind the islamophobia platform so as to avoid any difficult discussion about the Islamic faith


    • Dude, with all due respect i have to disagree with you, the conservatives clearly have anti muslim attitudes and the left are the only ones who are the only one siding with muslims…i mean it’s easy for us to sit back and comment about it instead of putting ourselves in their place…who would volunteer to protect those muslim families from the conservatives if they lose the support of the left? Do you really think that these muslims even care about their Islamic values? No, not at all, they’re instead caring for their family, for their kids otherwise they would start shouting against gay marriage from their rooftops…if conservatives want muslims speak against gay marriage without fear, then maybe they should try to start being friendly with them at first…



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