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  1. Wow, bad news. Ramadan is part of an increasingly small and endangered minority…moderate Muslims.


  2. The same thing should have been said about NAK.


    • the two cases are quite different. NAK is not facing serious criminal charges.


    • Is the publication of the Ramadan’s news which is all over internet here haram? Just like the NAK’s news re-publication here, it is not haram. Some people are accusing this site for the re-publication of NAK’s news which is all over internet. I think ignoring all these news regarding public figures as if nothing has happened is haram.

      It is a public news of public figures and it is not haram to just repeat what everyone knows, so that people will know waht is happening and pray for the victims either the accusers or the accused based on how one sees it.

      It is haram to say NAK who is a teacher on the internet’s publicized story does not concern his students. If one is a public figure, he has to be extra careful with the opposite sex than us(not public figures) because most people will be interested in a news regarding him.

      I pray to Allah to reveal the truth for us. If it is the accusers/victims or accused/victims are liars, may Allah reveal them. Ameen.


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    • Hmm. Celebrity Gossip leading to Slander, when there is no evidence?

      I don’t whether we should be learning lessons from what has happened 1400 years where untrue rumors were being spread and then a revelation came to clear the matter.

      By the way following is logical contradiction:
      “to just repeat what everyone knows, so that people will know waht is happening”


    • About NAK

      ‘The issue of Nouman Ali Khan’s guilt or innocence regarding the charges against him was actually handled by a diverse panel of respected scholars and community leaders, who actually DID have access to all the relevant information. They issued their findings and conclusion.’

      Professor AC Brown statement on Facebook


    • Intellect,
      It’s obvious that you have not recognized that those who spread the accusations against NAK were muslims, so we have to deal the subject accordingly (i.e. from the Islamic perspective).
      Also, this post at hand is for (solidarity) with Tariq Ramadan, which is in the contrast with the post about NAK. I’m sure that you know the difference.


    • By the way following is logical contradiction:
      “to just repeat what everyone knows, so that people will know waht is happening”

      I say;
      What I am implying is that, the news are out there, so those of us who are their(accused) followers need to know it instead of not knowing. It is better to know it here with discussing than knowing it on Fox news.

      When news of public figures is in public domain, it is no more secret and anyone can discuss it and that is not haram. That is what I meant by “people will know what is happening”. What is happening? Two prominent Muslims have been accused of sexual misconduct. The news which is on the net for everyone to know has been repeated here. We are not happy but sad for the accusations. We learn from it and ask questions and pray for Allah to expose who ever is telling lies regarding the accusations and counter accusations.

      We are all humans and not perfect, there is no more revelation to tell us the truth. What we can do is to discuss. I don’t think is haram discussing what is public about public figures.



  3. That’s messed up…either way the damage has been done…

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  4. Indeed, however, sadly these kinds of accusations can tarnish a persons reputation long before any kind of investigation is finished.

    What with him being a popular Muslim intellectual this will only exasperate the situation as some headlines have shown. Ironically such things can only hamper an investigation due to the bias that comes from these opinion pieces.

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  5. The allegations should be taken seriously.

    However, having said that, I have a hard time believing these charges. It should be noted that ‘Henda Ayari is a fierce ideological critic of Tariq Ramadan and she has often expressed hatred towards him. After having allegedly been a Salafist and then leaving that form of Islam and assuming western style dress and feminist ideology she became a supposed, “champion of women’s rights.” So this is clearly a woman with an agenda, trying to bring attention to her cause by making accusations about a public figure in Islam. As far as I can tell, whether Ramadan did have an actual relationship with her or not, there seems to be no real evidence (at least made public) of her allegations. If the allegations are truly false and frivolous, then I hope the judge will rule strongly against her as Ramadan’s Lawyer has filed a slander and defamation counter-suit.

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  6. Some further context:

    [+] Macron is pushing some anti harassment legislation in the coming days, making a national debate on harassment.

    [+] The accuser here sent Macron a letter urging him to take down “Islamic propaganda in France” among other things.

    Of course we have no absolute proof here, but it will definitely not be surprising to learn that she set this up just so she can be heard and have more fame from this.

    The timing isn’t a coincidence FWIW.

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  7. A married “salafist” woman who meets with a man in his hotel room who ends up raping her and many years later turns out to be Tariq Ramadan who also happens to be a target of her newfound ideological militancy ………………………… A strange story to say the least.

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  8. Update:

    “On the Tariq Ramadan affair – The way the case against Tariq Ramadan is handled seems like a political character assassination.”
    by Khaled Abou El Fadl – 31 Jul 2018


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