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  2. While Judaism is for the “Chosen People.” While Paul opened up Christianity to the Gentiles it was without divine sanction as Jesus himself said, “I am sent only unto the house of the lost sheep of Israel,” Christianity still remains an exclusivist religion which is particular on who can and cannot be saved.

    Only Islam confirms that God favors all his creation (not just one tribe, or line). The disciples of Jesus were exclusively Jewish, while only Prophet Muhammad had companions from all walks of life Arab, Roman, Persian, Christian, Jewish, black, white, male, female. Only Prophet Muhammad sent letters to the nearby world leaders of the day inviting them into Islam.

    Islam is the only religion that speaks positively of other religions, and which proclaims that Allah has sent messengers to all mankind. It is only the Qur’an which encapsulates the core message of all previous messengers, perfecting and purifying it and opening up the religion of God for all mankind.

    Only Islam is a truly universal religion, sanctioned by God himself, for all mankind!!

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