Deputy Führer of extremist ‘Britain First’ is fooling no one.

Christian extremism/fascism in the UK is becoming more active in its physical and verbal assaults on Muslims. This is also fueled by the hate preachers at Speakers’ Corner.

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  1. Dude… this is laughably ridiculous “the Japanese were staunch allies of the fuhrer”
    Who the hell cares? That was WWII, its 2017. Its a dumb thing to insinuate just like it would be dumb to insinuate that all muslims like Hitler because the mufti of Jerusalem met with him and Hitler said some favorable things about the religion
    Just face it the migrant crisis is a net huge negative on Europe and Poland doesn’t want it. Thought religious people cared about truth, but obviously not if it goes against their narrative


  2. “Just face it the migrant crisis is a net huge negative on Europe and Poland doesn’t want it.”

    Actually, it’s not. There is a strong correlation between a generous immigration policy and economic development. Two good examples are Sweden and Germany.

    Moreover, the only reason you’re against immigration is because you’re a racist. We’ve seen plenty of western racism throughout the last couple of hundred years such as slavery, progroms, imperialism, nazism etc.

    It’s time you racist assholes shut the fuck up! You’ve committed enough mayhem as it is.


    • HAHA Sweden and Germany?? Are you serious??
      Both countries are getting fucked (sometimes literally) by North Africans, Arabs, and others. Just look it up dude. Slavery is a universal thing as well imperialism.
      And its pogroms you ignoramus not “progroms”
      People are waking up to this nonsense thats why Trump got elected, Brexit, among other things


  3. The transatlantic slave trade and western imperialism was not universal. The brutality of both was not universal either.
    Check official economic statistics! Two of the strongest economies in Europe are without a doubt Sweden and Germany.

    People are not waking up. What they’re doing is going back to their old racist ways.

    Your racist prejudice makes you only notice the crimes of the “other”. The metoo-campaign has made all to clear that you heathen westerners are far worse when it comes to rape and sexual harassment. The hegemonic structures have up this campaign managed to obfuscate the crimes of the privileged and highlighted the crimes of the “other”.


    • So ridiculous.
      umm you realize that Hollywood doesn’t represent the majority of Americans right? I’m not fan of Harvey weinstein and his ilk by the way.

      Have you heard of the Arab and Ottoman slave trades? Armenian genocide? Current state of Christian minorities in Muslim lands? Don’t act dumb dude.

      Also why is it that there has been a string of bombings in Sweden the last couple of weeks?
      Increased rape statistics from the country coinciding with the migrant wave?
      Why does Germany, France, and all these countries have to put up barriers in their Christmas markets? Just like NY did after that crazed man from Uzbekistan?

      There is no point in arguing with you, you generalize the “West” in your reply. I won’t generalize Muslims or arabs or whatever, but what is happening in Europe is not right. If you cared about truth and righteousness you’d care about this instead of just calling whitey racist.


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