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  1. He is not a heretic; but he has deep anger issues.

    From what I understand, he abandoned Definite / Particular / Limited Atonement (the one that most people struggle with the most), but I have not seen him explain abandoning the other 4 or 3 points ( ? – did he abandon 3 more or 4 more?). Maybe he doesn’t believe in Perseverance of the Saints either, since, from what I could tell, he thought a Roman Catholic Trent Horn won the debate and made a lot of good arguments against James White in their debate on “Can a true Christian Loose Salvation?”


  2. Or he could be a one point Calvinist, or a four point or 3 point Calvinist.


  3. But his statement above seems to imply he does not believe any of the 5 points of Calvinism, but may still hold to Perseverance of the Saints. (a 1 pointer)


  4. Every Christian believes in Predestination:


  5. Hi Ken,

    I reviewed the debate between Horn and White on my blog. Shamoun commented and said the following:
    “Even though I have had a fall out with White, I still wanted him to win since I take his position.”

    This was in February though so he may have changed since then.


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