Fake ‘feminism’ refuted

I expose the pseudo-Christian polemics of missionaries Lizzie and Jay Smith at Speakers’ Corner. They never recovered from this refutation. Now at all costs they avoid talking about the Bible.

Categories: Bible, Christianity, Feminism, Speakers Corner

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  1. Why is feminism such a recent movement? Did humanity only start to understand what morality is when they entered the 21 century?!


  2. Great refutation of “FCF.” Well done! Virtually every accusation Christians make against Islam, can be found in the Bible tenfold.


  3. do this feminists do anything about prostitution ? 50 to 100 million women in sex biz globally. they have no problem with pornography but hijab is big problem for them. they are political tolls for western imperialism. most christians dont care about message of jesus in the four gospels. their religion is post french revolution western values. and they think that is christianity. most of them is not even christian.



  1. Fake ‘feminism’ refuted | kokicat

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