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  1. Good one there, my brother. Allah is happy when His message is spread. The Quran is not a flesh, person or being and God’s word/wisdom/knowledge/mercy/grace/beneficence i.e. God’s attributes are not person/flesh/being and so cannot be God.

    So, Quran or God’s word/knowledge is not God Himself but God’s attributes. Christians will always want to inject their confusion in Islam. The Muntazilas got their confusion from a Christian governor under Muslim rule and he is called John of Damascus. The Muntazilas read his books and tried to inject Christian confusion into Islam and we the Muslims rejected the Muntazila Muslims.

    Proof: Lecture by Sheikh Tim Humble.

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    • The lady asked is Quran eternal? If Quran is eternal or not and so what? Quran or God’s word/knowledge is not God Himself. It is not like Christians who say God’s word/knowledge became flesh/person/man/being. It is not like that my dear sister. In Islam God’s word/knowledge did not became flesh/man/person/being but it remains God’s word/knowledge which is not God Himself.

      God’s attributes becoming flesh is not our Aqeedah.



    • God’s attributes confusion from Christianity to Islam by John of Damascus.


  2. Oh nice to see you again here Paul! 🙂

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  3. lol, Paul (30:55). Muslims aren’t supposed to bet. I said something along the lines of that around a sheikh (while also asking whether born Muslims have that as a rhetorical phrase). The sheikh (a Shafi’i who went to Medina University) said that I would say it, but I cannot make an actual bet.


  4. Nice to see you again Paul, i was worried about you by the way…💐

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  1. Br Paul gives Dawah to a Christian lady |Speakers’ Corner| | kokicat

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