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  1. The only guy who can make a difference right now is the Ayatollah…well let’s hope for the best…

    by the way Paul, please check your inbox there’s something important i asked…

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  2. All the above countries are Arab countries. Iran is not an Arab country, so the USA CANNOT, WILL NOT, DARE NOT destroy it.

    Look at what that Saudi prince supported by the USA and Israel is doing to Yemen. It is Arabs against Arabs and some Arabs are willing to accept commands from evil(Trump and Israel zionist-Tom Friendman, Jared Cushner etc.) against their Arabs and Muslim neighbors.

    The Prophet Mohammed in one of the hadiths had a dream about Arabs and he was worried about Arabs. That is what we are seeing now.
    Some of the Arab leaders feared Trump and will support Israel against some Muslims in order to consolidate their grip on power. That is why there is problem among them.

    Don’t worry, Iran will be ok. It can build its own ammunition and will not buy it from anyone and that is what Israel does not want and Israel does not want the Al Jezeera network broadcasting the Israel brutality to the world hence the blockade on Qatar by Arabs to support Israel. What a shame from Arab leaders. Everything has backfired. Qatar is now strong, Iran and Turkey are gaining strength and the Arabs who take commands from Trump and Israel are becoming isolated. Prophet Mohammed saw this Arab traitors and was worried about it. I am a sunni Muslim but most sunnis now support Iran against these Arab traitors.




  3. Although the western world and through its filthy games has been involving with a bad impact in the Islamic world in general such as what happened in Iran against Mohammad Mosaddegh because of his plans about the oil in his country.
    The real problem, however, in Iran is not USA! The real problem for Iranian people is that they have been blocked to hear the true message of Islam. Those poor people in their case are similar to people in Europe when the church had the power over them.
    The cult of the Twelver Shi’a has made Iranian people be degraded too much. This cult is filled with Shirk, fables, and corruption. It’s too much to be bearable, so we will not surprise if people escape from that burning fire to the atheism like what happened to Europe. Not to mention the financial corruption that Mullahs make everyday to steal the money from the poor people. Those Mullahs steal money from people by claiming that the are from the lineage of the prophet pbuh. The same thing happens with the liar sufis who claim the prophetic lineage!

    Look to the grave of Khuminy while the iranian people are starving!


    • abdullah1423

      Have you seen the extravagant spending from the Saudi royal family? I have tonnes of pictures and videos of the extravagant lifestyles of the Saudi royal families and yet ordinary Saudi citizen cannot demonstrate and will be killed or tortured. Most ordinary Saudis are poor despite the vast oil wealth that Allah granted to the birth place of our prophet PBUH.

      Watch this one.

      Our prophet said our religion will be divided for about 75 and only one is the straight one. Yes, we know about extreme Sufis, Shia, kadiriyas, muntazilas, etc. but do you hate them more than Donald Trump, Netayanhu and the Zionist evangelical Christians who are bent on destroying all the 75 divisions of Muslims? That is what some of the Saudi Royal are. I think is wrong.

      Shias and Sunnis have lived for centuries with respect and without major troubles apart from the start where they fought some wars. They stopped and lived together including the Coptic Christians without any major problem until Bush era where the shia and sunni divide was injected again by the USA and the Zionist to further divide Muslims and to strangulate the Palestinians and that is what is happening now but is doom to failure.

      to be continued……….


  4. …..continued

    I am a sunni but I stand with my fellow shia Muslims against any division by some enemies of Islam like Trump, some evangelical Christians and Zionist against all Muslims.

    We have sunni cults as well, our responsibility is to preach to them the true and real Islam like how Salahu deen Al Ayubi did to unite the Muslims which is better than becoming angry, insulting and fighting them.

    At least people can demonstrate in Pakistan, Iran and Turkey but people cannot demonstrate in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE, but will be killed instantly. Who is better?

    Preach the true Islam and do not hate. Allah said to our prophet, he was sent to preach but not change minds. That is the prerogative of Allah. Don’t hate the Shia’s but preach to them only and we need to live with them as Muslims and unite against any force against all Muslims.


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    • The USA and some Zionists like Tom Friedman as he travelled to Saudi Arabia recently used lies with regards to sunni shia divide to cause brutal war in Yemen. All the above countries lived peacefully with sunni and shias together but look at what that division caused the countries. Is that what you want? I think you are wrong. There are sunnis, Christians and Jews in Iran. To say Iranians are forced to become shias is not true.



    • Of course, we are not blaming the US and the Zionist alone. The people i.e. the Arab leaders and their dictators are to blame for about 85% and the US or some western countries will take advantage and be blamed for the rest 15% for further dividing them and supplying arms, then helping them to bomb and destroy infrastructure like they are doing right now in Yemen. Yes, the US is helping the Saudis in bombarding Yemen with the pretext of Shia militias wanting to overthrow the Saudi government. All are lies.


    • I’m not sure what all this about? We need to speak the truth about that cult and its new system which I think is the real problem in Iran.
      Don’t worry about usa and iran. They are the best allies that used to use drills against muslims in Iraq.
      Also, I’m not sure how any subject about the twelver Shi’a gets turn to be a subject about Saudi – Iran relationship?
      Moreover, you know that mullahs in iran and sufi liars in the whole islamic world are stealing money from poor people by the name of Islam which is not the case with example you gave.
      And generally speaking the gulf countries are much better than any country around in the region.

      The system of Mullahs will fall insha’ Allah.
      Finally and for your information, this system ( Welayat Al faqeeh) is against their own religion.


    • It is Mullah’s in Iran that are stealing money in Iran and it is Royals in Saudi Arabia and the gulf that are stealing money from their citizens. Why don’t you blame the Royals that are stealing money from their citizens? Trump ordered the crown prince to arrest some of the royals and extract some money from them. Prince Al Walid’s father is on hunger strike in Saudi Arabia because of his son’s-Al Walid arrest. You do not care about this but you care about Iran that did not attack any country but Israel is attacking Palestine, Syria, Iraq etc. but fears Iran because Iran can manufacture its own weapon.

      I do not think the gulf countries are better than Iran because they cannot manufacture their own weapons but spend billions of dollars buying weapons from other countries and destroying themselves i.e. other Muslim and Arab countries like it is happening now in Yemen.

      There are Sunnis, Jews and Christians in Iran, so I one does not want to give money to Mullah, that person can be Sunni.

      You have to be worried about how Israel is treating Palestinians and forget about Mullahs who are not using helicopter gunship, poison(white phosphor), caterpillar, pullets, bulldozers and any lethal weapon you can think off, to force anyone to pay money for them.


    • Iran with its system is indeed an enemy. There’s no doubt about that. What they have done in Syria, Iraq, and even in Yemen will not be forgiven & will not be forgotten. If you want to deceive yourself by making comparison, where there should not be any, for the countries in the region, then that’s your own business.
      And with all due of respect , I think you are an ignorant in the subject, especially if you are living in the west.

      Also, I don’t think any muslims will buy the notion of “unity” with that cult after what they have done.
      The point at hand here is what the real problem is for Iranian people that makes them get angry and protest? It’s the criminal system of (Welayat Al faqeeh).

      “are better than Iran because they cannot manufacture their own weapons”
      You mean like the barrel bomb?


    • You said;
      And with all due of respect , I think you are an ignorant in the subject, especially if you are living in the west.

      Also, I don’t think any muslims will buy the notion of “unity” with that cult after what they have done.

      I say;
      I have been giving facts, analysis, critical thinking on this subject and you have nothing to offer except to hate, call fellow Muslims as cults, enemy etc. to buy into the Zionist narrative as Iran is enemy. A’udhu billahi, Iran is not an enemy but zionist propaganda to become the only stronger nation-Israel to manufacture weapons and kill the Arabs-Palestinians.

      Do you remember this?

      -Saddam Hussein and Iraq was the enemy said so by Israel? Gone and checked.
      -Yasir Arafat was the enemy said so by Israel? Gone and checked.
      -Colonel Gaddhafi was the enemy said so by Israel? Gone and checked.
      -Hamas was the enemy said so by Israel? Checked but not gone.
      -Afghanistan was the enemy said so by president George Bush? Not gone and not checked. It is a difficult meat to chew.
      All the above countries were destroyed because of your hatred towards people abdullah1423. You use that hatred to fall into the camp of the zionist to kill your fellow Muslims. It is against Islam. Why wait for Israel to tell you the above are enemies?

      A cult is not an enemy. An enemy to all humanity according to the Quran is an aggressor-Allah clearly said He does not love aggressor. For a cult, it is up to you to convey to him the proper message of Allah and that is it. You are not the one to change minds except Allah alone.

      Most Muslims are behind Qatar, Turkey, Palestine, Iran,Kuwait against US/Israel/Saudi aggression on innocent people.


    • You do not care about Palestinians and how Israel want to be the only stronger in that region to finally wipe them out. You are not bothered about the aggression of Israel against Palestinians but just to side with Israel lies that Iran is an enemy. Iran never attacked any country but Israel attacked Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Gaza, West Bank etc.

      You do not care about the aggression but you care about a cult? Saudi Royals can be called cult because they take their command not from Allah but from the USA and Donald Trump who do not like Muslims. That is the cult you must fight not any other cult that does not attack any country.

      Long live Iran and its people against the zionist lies. It is Allah who change minds and not a man, or by the use of force calling people cult, cult, cult.


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    • Today i went to take my usual stroll on Smokolo which is a right wing propaganda website…i was amazed to see how they are developing some pretty negative sentiments towards Trump, they always wrote articles describing their strong support for the president but now it seems they are being disappointed…they literally called him a zionist puppet because of his support for the protests in Iran and his pro-Israel policies…


      I don’t recommend you guys to spend your time over there by the way, it’s just full of propaganda but it’s interesting to know how they think of the current events…

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    • Abdullah1423

      After watching this video, you will know what cult means. I guess you do not know what cult means that is why you keep saying cult, cult, cult,cult. To venerate someone who clearly says he is an enemy of Islam is cult. What do you say about that? Are Saudis your enemy? This guy clearly said he is not clean by torching women private parts and he said it publicly. He banned Muslims and continue to insult and demean Muslims and Islam and does all things including tweeting anti Islam video from British hate group.

      The British and their Parliamentarians fought him back and denounce his hatred towards Muslims and Islam and banned him from visiting-a schedule visit to Britain. No country want to associate itself with him except Israel and Saudi Arabia.

      Saudi Arabia is a disgrace and disappointment to not only Muslims but to all people who want peace in this world and reject hatred of this man. That is cult by Saudi Arabia not Iran who happens to have their sect of Islam and never attacked any country as Israel does.

      I am not ignorant on this topic but you are. I brought a lot of facts and analysis but what you spew is only
      hatred towards Iran as if Israel has brainwashed you.


    • You were saying Nabeel Quraish was an enemy of Islam and deserves no sympathy, but now you are supporting Trump, an enemy of Islam against Muslims i.e. Yemen, Qatar, Iran, Palestine, Afghanistan etc. because the Zionist lied and said “Iran is enemy”. Iran is not enemy to anyone. They have their sect of Islam and our prophet said Islam will be divided to 75 or so. Does that mean we have to hate each division like how you hate Iran because the Zionists deceived you? The Zionist said there is weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. I was a lie, they just want to invade there because Israel want that.

      Watch the zionist lie. You buy all this nonsense.

      That man is arrogant. Look at his body language. That is the one Abdullah1423 will support against Muslims. May Allah forbid.

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    • Shaad

      What do you mean? We must not visit the website because they are now anti Trump? Why did you not asked us not to visit the site when they were pro Trump? I think they are right to be anti Trump. Even the British Parliament is anti Trump. Everyone is anti Trump except Saudi Arabia, because of his divisiveness.


    • Intellect, nah man you misunderstood me, it’s a right wing propaganda website, you’ll find quite some absurd stuff over there…but the main reason i advised you guys not to spend your time on this website is because they put vulgar pictures sometimes….


    • I do agree with their anti-trump point of view by the way, on top of that i didn’t expect them to bash John Watson…


    • *i meant Joseph Watson instead of “John” Watson…


    • I wonder why the app doesn’t makes me appear in recent comments…


    • Absurd stuff for muslims in Europe by the way…


  5. Abdullah1423

    This is another cult. He is even worse than Shite in my opinion when it comes to cult but what he is saying is the truth. I do not support his cult sect but he is better than the Zionist and Trump. Most Black Muslims including Malcolm X have converted to Islam. Most of them are being converted to Islam.

    It is wrong to support Trump and Israel against any sect of Islam like how you are doing. It is wrong. When we unite and face our common enemy, we can preach and gain souls from other sects. Your hatred against Iran and their Mullahs is un Islamic. You must repent from your ignorance.

    I do not like Luis Farakhan and his religion but when compared to Trump and Israel against Yemen, Qatar, Iran, Syria etc. i will align with Mr. Farakhan. Most of his followers have converted to the real Islam and it is possible he will convert to Islam.

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    • “, but now you are supporting Trump, an enemy of Islam against Muslims”
      This is just a lie & If you had given your mind a rest to read carefully, you’d not end up with this stupid conclusion. You have no right to give me “Either this or that” option. If you think describing the reality of that cult means supporting Israel, than that would be your own problem, and I don’t have to justify my position.

      “I have been giving facts, analysis, critical thinking on this subject”
      Believe me, what I have seen so far is just the muslim version of Sam Shamoun. You keep writing long comments irrelevant to the subject with showing a gross ignorance in it. I’d rather save my time.


    • Abdullah1423

      I say it is un Islamic to hate a sect of Islam. Preach the real Islam any where, especially here on this blog. Hating fellow Muslim because Zionist and Israel says so or they do not share the same thinking like yours is haram. To the Saudis who dance with the enemy of Islam and take his instruction to kill and starve people in Yemen, Qatar, Iran etc. hell is waiting for them if they do not repent.

      I am not Shamoun. Did you not see some likes on my comments? How many likes do you have? Zero. Everyone knows you have been brainwashed by Netanyahu. No one can touch Iran.


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