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  1. I suppose it was one state under an Islamic order. I largely accept that many Islamic states were largely benign.

    I said that to mention that the Jews lived under one state, and that there was historically little outright enmity Muslims had for Jews that they could live in one state.

    Did the Christians really expel the Jews. I want a clarification on the history of that.


  2. See here for a Jew who doesn’t deny the more general fact that “Islam saved Jewry.” https://www.thejc.com/comment/comment/so-what-did-the-muslims-do-for-the-jews-1.33597

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  3. The Evangelical Christians of the USA denied a Jewish ship entry into the USA. The ship contained Jews fleeing persecution from Europe. The USA did not allow them in but returned the ship to Europe and some of the Jews ended up in Nazi concentration camp and some died in the holocaust. So, I am amazed to see the Evangelical Christians and their congressmen and senators in the USA pretending to be number one Jewish lovers and using the terms “Judeo-Christian”, “Jewish State”, “anti-semetic” etc. just to wish majority of the Jews in Israel will die in amaggedon and go to hell and few will convert to Christianity.

    The Zionist Jews will say, you want to give us money to kill the Palestinians and take their land? O.K, Evangelical Christians of the USA, give us that money. We will use it.

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    • The Evangelical Christians of the USA persecuted Catholics, Blacks, Mormons etc. They are the people who will persecute anyone who does not belong to their religion, colour and share the same views as theirs. That is the danger of this world.

      The Muslims save the Jews and some Christians. One of the Muslim caliphate chattered ship to go to Europe and evacuate most of the Jews to Muslim controlled countries, hence Yeminite Jews, Iraqi Jews, Moroccan Jews, Iranian Jews etc.

      When the Christians conquered Spain, no Jew remained there. The Jews fled with the Muslims and it means the Jews followed their Muslim brothers to settle in Muslim majority countries.

      Now what is the news i.e. CNN, FOX etc. saying? Trump said “Islam hate us”. Islam saved Christians and Jews. So what is he talking about?

      There was no single Muslim terrorist attack in 1960,70 and even 80 until the Evangelical Christians of the USA voted for war in Muslim majority lands and drone was used to kill children in villages.

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