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  1. At times Christians seem to appropriate certain superior Islamic truths and pass them off as Christian teachings (without even giving due credit to Islam) as if no one will notice the contradictions.

    It is NOT Christianity, but rather Islam that is theologically crystal clear that God is not human and is beyond gender determinations.In practice and doctrine Christianity is far from the core Abrahamic ideals and beliefs.

    While Archbishop/Primate Antje Jackelen may pay lip service and say that God is beyond Gender and is not human, it remains a fact that as a Christian she worships a MALE Greco-Roman MAN-God called Jesus whom we are told to believe was incarnated as a HUMAN and then DIED.

    Rather than stealthily trying to graft basic Islamic teachings onto an inferior and twisted Christian theology, it would be better if Christians were just honest with themselves and others in admitting that it is ISLAM that offers a more theologically sound and superior conception of the nature of God than Christianity does.



  1. Slowly but surely, one by one, they are coming closer to Islam | kokicat

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