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  1. Mr.Paul Williams,

    I am really tired hearing Lizzie,Hatun and others you encounter on weekly if not on a fortnight basis. These people have no desire for truth. So far I haven’t seen they are criticizing our views & belief that is agreed upon unanimously by our theologians and general Muslims. What they do is, they misinterpret our belief then cook up some lies and then put forth in a deceitful manner and be disingenuous throughout the conversation.

    I think you should leave such missionaries to what they are doing and go hunt for some sincere Christians who needs just a gentle push to be a Believer.


    • Sami Naciri

      You are very wrong, my brother. It is wrong to leave them peddling lies against Islam. When left unchecked, the lies could be seen as truth. Paul Williams and the rest of the brothers in the park will get a good reward by refuting the liars especially in the cold winter days.


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    • @Intellect, from which country are you from mate?


    • Salaam Sami Naciri,
      It is not an either/or question. We must do both.

      That is to say that we are required to make Dawah to ALL people – both those willing to hear an honest word AND those who instigate, antagonize, and turn away from the truth.

      We must communicate the message of Islam both to those who are sincere seekers of truth, AND set the record straight with those who are insincere and who deceitfully work to misportray the Deen of Allah.

      Our core mission is to communicate the true message of Islam…..after that the guidance is from Allah as well as the judgement.

      It may be that the worst enemy of Islam may one day be guided and even become the best among Muslims.



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