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  1. This Rabbi is ignorant. He says so many Muslims are anti Jews. What an ignorant man. Muslims save Jews from Christian extermination. Any Jew who has read history a little bit will tell you that. He does not know his own history but is supposed to be the one to be asked questions?

    Today, Muslims are not anti Jews but anti brutal Zionism. Most Jews are anti brutal Zionism. Do you call that Jews anti Jews? There are Jews in Israel who are persecuted for voicing their views against Zionism and there are even politician Jews, writers, journalist who are Jews but anti Zionism. Does the respectful Rabbi call them anti Jews.

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    • It is only the Evangelical Christians of the USA who are Zionist and support brutal Zionism so that most Jews will be killed and go to hell and few will convert to Christianity. If that whats the Rabbi thinks is loving Jews, then he needs to learn more. Most Jews do not think is love to support someone to go to land and wish he will be killed and go to hell or convert to another religion. It is an insult to his religion and salvation. That is anti Jews.
      Things must be set straight. Rabbi Tovia Singer is a Zionist but acknowledges that Muslims do not hate the Jews but the Christians hate the Jews. Most Jews know this.


    • Sadly, what the rabbi is saying is what it appear to be the reality because of the political situation in the holy land.

      Naturally Muslims support Palestinian cause that make them anti jewish while christians support Zionism which make them jews lovers. While historically the muslim-jewish relation was far better than christian-jewish relations.

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