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  1. Not necessarily true , he raised many good points.


    • He generally raises good arguments and has brought a lot of people to Islam in India. The one big issue he got into was when he defended suicide bombing in war situations, and likened it to Japanese kamikaze fighters. He casually said, “certain scholars approve it as a tactic in war”, without mentioning any names. That’s a very dangerous position to take, especially who has a huge following.

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    • What do you think of Al-Baraa ibn Malik: The Warrior of the Ansar, who asked his soldiers to put him on a shield, raise the shield on spears and hurl him into the “garden of death”. Either he shall die a martyr or he shall open the gate for the army”. This showed a great example of a man searching for martyrdom, as he thought that the time that he would open the gate for the Muslim army to enter and finish off the fitnah of Musaylamah.


    • To be killed during valorous battlefield action involving awesome skill at arms and abandonment of the fear of death with the aim of attaining a tactical objective isn’t analogous to… y’know… suicide.

      Seeking to be killed by others is not the same as killing oneself.

      Bad example.


    • I once watched Zakir Naik preached in just one night during his da’wah tour in my home town April 8, 2017, I witnessed 24 christians from many persuasions took shahada at the end of the talk in QA session… amazing MashaAllah..

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    • I witnessed 24 christians from many persuasions took shahada at the end of the talk in QA session… amazing MashaAllah..

      What? I find that hard to believe. It almost sounds like an altar call when one would immediately profess their belief in Jesus and his atonement for expiating sins. I would recommend a few weeks or months. It took me probably four months before I was confident to say the shahada even to myself.


    • Latias,
      You are not the “standard” for human beings if you notice.

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  2. I don’t think that to be true at all. Dr. Nike has been doing very good job. What dr. Lumbard said is because of
    presumption that lay people are supposed to be academic. However, you can bring people to Islam by the simplest fashion and be successful in that.

    The matter of faith (Al Emaan) has nothing to do whether you are smart or not.

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  3. I watched his videos before, I didn’t mock them. I understood them.

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  4. I am not a fan of Zakir Naik, and I see him as Deedat minus (copying the late Sh. Deedat in style but less charismatic than him). Zakir Naik war of verses suit more for lay people. On the contrary there is Dr. Shabbir Ally which I consider as Deedat plus and more suitable for more mature academic type of audiences.

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  1. Sad, but true. | kokicat

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