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  1. Deny Jews safe-haven to America? One of the clear evidence when they denied Jewish ship entry into the waters of America which resulted in the ship returning to Europe where some of the Jews ended up in the Holocaust.

    Where are the Evangelical Christians of the USA? Who now claim they loved the Jews so much and used some new terms as Judeo-Christian, Jewish State, Anti Semitism etc.

    The Biggest anti Semitism is to deny persecuted Jews entry into your waters.

    The Evangelical Christians did the same to the Catholics. To the Blacks and segregated their Churches as White and Black Churches after force converting them.

    They did the same to the Mormons.

    They are not doing it to the Muslims i.e. voted for Trump who said he will ban Muslims. He banned Muslims. He is now banning black Christians from Africa and the Caribbeans in favor of white atheist from Sweden, Norway, Denmark etc.

    I am sure if the White Evangelical Christians who voted for Trump to carry their hatred towards all humans who has one single difference from them, will discriminate the Swedish if they discovered he is not an Evangelical Christian. Trump can do anything against the teaching of Christ and the Evangelical Christians are solidly behind him.


    Is ok. to commit adultery when you are not in the White House:- Pastor Franklin Graham.

    May be they must ponder how many abortions Donald Trump has committed by his high level in sex affairs before voting and defending him.


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  2. “The more things change the more they stay the same.” – old proverb

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