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  1. Good one there, my brothers. How much are you paid for standing in this cold to defend Islam? Zero dollars, I guess. Don’t worry, Allah will give you a better reward. I see you there in there in the hot summer too. In Spring and autumn you are still there. God Bless.

    The difference between you and the Christians is that, most of them(Christians) like Jay Smith and his disciples are paid.

    I like your new tactics. If they pull slavery verses against Islam, pull slavery verses against Christianity and ask them whether they agree with the verses of say Moses having sex slave girls commanded by their God Jesus Christ. In that case you close the case and they have now started to stop that nonsense they learned from Jay Smith, Sam Shamoun, David Wood and Robert Spencer.

    If they pull apostasy verses, ask them if they agree with their God Jesus commanding apostates must be killed in the Bible? I saw Jay Smith’s disciples embarrassed by the same thing their God Jesus Christ commanded or trying to lie about it and get caught in the process. Tell them if you leave in a glass house do not throw stones.

    Jay Smith is not smart on this one, by teaching these poor women only the attack line against Islam. Let’s give Dr. James White credit, he has passed this nonsense stage and seem to be intelligent Christian now. He is being insulted for telling the truth. The truth shall make you free. He is now free from repeating what his lord Jesus Christ did against others to attack others.



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