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  1. Conveniently announced after the debate on ssm


    • Unlike Christianity, Islam is holding the line against the forces of liberalism and secularism.

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    • We both know that isn’t true.

      Muslim leaders in Australia admitted that they remained silent during the debate because it would mean fighting against their liberal allies.

      Muslims are more akin to cameleons


    • Chameleons 🤔

      So do you reckon Muslims are becoming “all things to all people?” If that is so, you should congratulate our embrace of your Saul the Dajjāl’s methodology!

      But it’s not the case. It is l well-known, as the Imāms in their address have stated.

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    • Actually Cerbie, it’s you secularized Christians who are the chameleons. You pretend to be happy secularists and praise the virtues of secularism as a show. We both know that if given the chance, you Christians would jettison secularism. Some of you would even be quick to reintroduce the Mosaic law. Your fellow Christian madman believes that homosexuals and adulterers should be put to death.


    • If madman said that, thenhow is he a chameleon?

      Facts are the Muslim community deliberately remained silent during the ssm debate for fear of their liberal allies. So their “statement” now is worthless. The battle is lost


    • I used madman as an example of someone who has admitted to a desire to implement Biblical law, but most Christians would avoid that issue and would pretend to be secularists. I know you are one of them.

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    • Very few would agree with madman. Your lies are moot


    • Lol, exactly. That’s because many Christians have been secularized. That’s exactly my point! You have surrendered to secularism.


    • I love how Paulus takes like one example on our side (the example of Australia) and uses that as a straw man to make his case.
      Try harder boy.

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    • We all love when… well that’s what he always does 😧

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    • More lies? I thought we pretended to be secularists and really wanted biblical law (whatever that is?)? Now, we actually are secularists. Get your lies straight.

      Typical chameleon. I rebaptise you as Faiz the failing chameleon pig.


    • One example? The OP was Australia. I’m discussing Australia. And Atlas has a muhammadan tantrum about Australia…


    • More idiocy? Cerbie, are you getting senile? You know you old dogs need to take it easy. You’re not as young and nimble as your used to be!

      Read what I said again, stupid:

      “Some of you would even be quick to reintroduce the Mosaic law.”

      Hmm, some not all. See?


    • Cerbie, have you become all things to all people, as Abu Talhah said? Have you followed in the footsteps of the false apostle Paul?


    • More lies? Go back and see what you see to me. Am I a secularist or am I pretending to be one?

      And yes, I’m thinking about becoming a muhammadan. Then I can get into trading black slaves and killing opponents. Maybe even look into child marriage like what is rampant in Muslim nations. Then I’ll probably start a blog, be completely unqualified and cut n paste liberal scholarship and pretend I’m intelligent. Once that doesn’t work, I’ll just start fabricating lies. Then once that is exposed I’ll make sure I just tell everyone they are “running away” in the hopes that people might think I’m unbeatable. But in the end I’ll probably just apostatise and go back to Christ.

      Faiz the failing chameleon pig- your almost there!!


    • More idiocy? I said some Christians, like madman, are in favor of reintroducing the Biblical laws. I said people like you, the ones who praise the virtues of secularism (you know, multiculturalism, separation of church and state, freedom of expression, freedom of speech, etc.) actually only pretend to do so, but would jettison those values if given the chance. I also said that you have surrendered to secularism in other ways, such as avoiding the Biblical laws which are incompatible with modern secular values, such as executing homosexuals and adulterers. You are not in favor of those laws, are you little doggie? Secularism is better in that regard, isn’t it? But then other secular values would be jettisoned when given the chance, right? See? You are truly all things to all people. You pretend to be a secularist in one way, but would turn your back on it if given the chance in another way. Hey, you’re like the Batman villain Two-Face! There’s a new name for ya: Cerbie Two-Face…


    • Then I’ll keep qualifying myself to save face from the lies I formerly told. I’ll also pretend to know the intimate societal and moral values of other people on the internet. This will hopefully trick Allah from punishing me from my lying toungue earlier in the day.

      Gee, I like the feel of this muhammadan thing….


    • Oh Cerbie, you are who you are. You are all things to all people. Such a good little Christian zombie. Lying for Jesus, eh? Just like the false apostle Paul.

      Christians have a long track record of blending in and using deception. Secularism is “in” right now, so many of you morons pretend to be good little secularists. But we know that you are really wolves in sheep’s clothing. Your brethren have shown their true colors before. When weak, you pretend to be loyal citizens. But when you gain power, look out everyone! That’s what happened in Rome. But when Rome became Christian, things got pretty bad for non-Christians and anyone who was a “heretic”. We know you don’t actually believe in secularist ideals. You have shown that many times. But we also know that you don’t believe in many of the Biblical laws, even if some of your brethren do (as in madman). Like I said, you are all things to all people. Cerbie Two-Face, what are you up to?


    • If that’s what I am, then I really should become a muhammadan. They were the ones during the ssm debate that refused to publically speak out. Their alliance with liberals was too critical to put them offside. They “pretend” to unite with the *actual* secularists all to further the deen. Ironically, those same secularists would be the first to be killed under shariah.

      So, since I apparently fit the profile for a perfect muhammadan, then I guess I better say shahada yes?


    • As usual Paulus has no answer. Just pathetic sly comments.
      It’s not our fault you’re full of crap and can’t defend your position.
      Bringing up slaves when your own bible teaches slavery and then you pretend your not kissing secularists ass. Besides your pornbook does NOTHING to end slavery. It only keeps it going. And yes that includes the NT. Our prophet freed his slaves. Encouraged his followers to free his slaves while your pornbook allows you to beat them to a near death experience. Thank you jesus!!!
      And yes his political opposition were killed. So what? Your bible prophets killed men, women, children, infants and livestock for no reason. All because the merciful jesus felt like it.

      But but but but that was the OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLD testament. We have jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesuuuus now. Hallelujah!!!
      Whatever that means! As if that somehow refutes anything.

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    • Brother Atlas, why don’t ask Cerbie what was the age of the little girls his Canaanite god allowed to be taken as slaves? Let’s see if he will answer. He avoided discussing this issue like the plague with me and ran away. Yep, this dog of hell has two faces (well three since he’s Cerberus, but you know what I mean),

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  2. Good to see the ANIC setting the record straight!

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  3. “He avoided discussing this issue like the plague with me and ran away“

    Ha! I’m a prophet!

    More lies again? On that topic you were humiliated. The text specifically calls them women. The Hebrew word is women. Yet you insist to guess their age to save face from your pedophile child raping prophet


    • More idiocy from Cerbie? I humiliated you and exposed you as a liar by showing the evidence from the Hebrew text. The girls are described in verse 18 as “hat-tap” which means “children”. Here it is again:


      Don’t be like the false apostle Paul. Don’t lie for Jesus, Cerbie. You will get exposed and humiliated!

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    • To further humiliate our canine friend Cerbie, here are multiple English translations of verse 18:

      American Standard Version

      Numbers 31:18 (ASV) But all the women-children, that have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

      The Bible in Basic English

      Numbers 31:18 (BBE) But all the female children who have had no sex relations with men, you may keep for yourselves.

      Common English Bible

      Numbers 31:18 (CEB) But all the young girls who have not known a man intimately by sleeping with him, spare for yourselves.

      Common English Bible w/ Apocrypha

      Numbers 31:18 (CEBA) But all the young girls who have not known a man intimately by sleeping with him, spare for yourselves.

      The Complete Jewish Bible

      Numbers 31:18 (CJB) But the young girls who have never slept with a man, keep alive for yourselves.

      Holman Christian Standard Bible

      Numbers 31:18 (CSB) but keep alive for yourselves all the young females who have not had sexual relations.

      The Darby Translation

      Numbers 31:18 (DBY) but all the children among the women that have not known lying with a man, keep alive for yourselves.

      English Standard Version

      Numbers 31:18 (ESV) But all the young girls who have not known man by lying with him keep alive for yourselves.

      Good News Translation

      Numbers 31:18 (GNT) but keep alive for yourselves all the girls and all the women who are virgins.
      Good News Translation w/ Apocrypha

      Numbers 31:18 (GNTA) but keep alive for yourselves all the girls and all the women who are virgins.
      GOD’S WORD Translation

      Numbers 31:18 (GW) But save for yourselves every girl who has never gone to bed with a man.



    • Alright you human waste, give me a source where Aisha is said to be raped.
      But you can’t, cus you’re a scum but that’s what you get when you follow a trash cult.
      BS begets BS.

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    • While you try and find the source paulus, here are some pornverses from your pornbook.
      Ez 23:20
      There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

      Song of Solomon 1:12–13
      While the king sitteth at his table, my spikenard sendeth forth the smell thereof. A bundle of myrrh is my well-beloved unto me; he shall lie all night betwixt my breasts.

      Song of Solomon 4:5.
      Thy two breasts are like two young roes that are twins, which feed among the lilies.

      Song of Solomon 8 :10
      I am a wall, and my breasts like towers: then was I in his eyes as one that found favor.

      Daaaammmmn. Tell us more baby, tell us moooooooooore!

      I would post more but I’m afraid paulus the pervy perv might…

      And this trash is what is gonna get us to Heaven according to these pagans.
      Dear God! How far gone do you have to be to believe that.

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    • What happened Cerbie? You got quiet all of a sudden! No more barking? You tried to rape the truth but the truth fought back!

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  1. Christian Fanatic Cerbie Refuted on Numbers 31:18 – The Quran and Bible Blog

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