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  1. Paul,
    Thank you for appearing on the platform to set the narrative record straight by offering your honest and firm voice of reason to represent the Muslim viewpoints. You were very articulate, and well prepared with facts and evidence, and I think your appearance is sure to have a positive impact on any reasonable person who watches this debate.

    I could not understand everything that Bill was saying due to his thick British accent but it is clear that he has many misunderstandings and stereotypes about Islam, which are likely based in superficial knowledge about certain aspects of the religion and/or ignorance of the full interpretations, meanings, etc; he also seemed to have applied some double standards, and logical inconsistencies, and bigoted comments, which you rightfully called him out on.

    I pray that he will accept your invitation to visit the mosque and correct his misconceptions through learning that Islam and Muslims do not comprise a threat to be afraid of and in fear.

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