Can Muslims Pray at Speakers’ Corner?

Some members of the Muslim community will be joining a Jewish speaker, Joseph Cohen to inform the public that Muslims do have a right to and can pray at Hyde Park.


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  1. Your prayers at Hyde park will not cover the crimes done in Palestine. After your prayer,I dare you to go Palestine and join in the suffering of women and children who watch Chicken shit Israel bombing from the air. you want to debate while our people suffer under occupation?
    Fuck u!

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    • as salaamu alaykum,

      We should also be knowledgeable of the crimes committed against the slaves of Allah* in Palestine by the state of Israel. We should exercise our capacity of sympathy towards these slaves and trust in Allah, SWT.

      * And our sympathy should also extend to non-Muslim victims of oppression too.

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    • The same song, “Seven Nation Army” by White Stripes was played by some during the Arab Spring Revolt.


    • I am more of a Harpal Brar type of woman…

      go CPGB-ML!


    • Nothing more inconsistent than Muslims teaming up with communists and socialists.


    • According to your logic we should ‘team up’ with zionists. No one is teaming up with anyone.
      If someone speaks the truth about something then that still remains the truth no matter who says it.
      Now get lost.


    • Nothing more inconsistent than Muslims teaming up with communists and socialists.

      Are you a provocateur? I only posted Harpal Brar as a tongue in cheek. I like Harpal Brar because he says things that are politically incorrect in this climate and that are fundamentally correct.

      Now ask yourself, who has more odium towards Islam? The far-left, such as Marxist-Leninists, or those more likely to identify themselves as anti-communists, more likely to defend Western political and military supremacy? The far-left tend to the have a general contempt towards religion and the supernatural and perhaps a deep suspicion towards certain religious regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Pakistan (that are indisputably reactionary), but there is no vehement opposition to Islam. There is no demonization of Islam among the far-left, claiming that “extremism” and “terrorism” emanate from the precepts of the deen?

      Indeed, the far-left are consistently anti-imperialist, Ask yourself whether the mainstream left or any faction of the right consistently stand up for the Palestinians. Indeed, the far-left often have Palestinian flags in their assemblies, along with Cuban flags. The far-left univocally support Palestinian liberation.

      Look Norcal. I know my history. I know about the waves of mass murder in Latin America and places like Indonesia in the latter part of the 20th century that are not well-known in the West. To foist your murderous ideology on Muslims. Muslims do not need the prejudice of anti-communism^; they should evaluate the history of socialism on their own terms and on the basis of historical evidence.

      ^ Muslims should certainly be anti-Marxist and be wary of people overtly hostile to their deen. Effacing consciousness of God is certainly not acceptable.

      HAHA Sweden and Germany?? Are you serious??
      Both countries are getting fucked (sometimes literally) by North Africans, Arabs, and others. Just look it up dude. Slavery is a universal thing as well imperialism.
      And its pogroms you ignoramus not “progroms”
      People are waking up to this nonsense thats why Trump got elected, Brexit, among other things

      Someone under “Norcal” said this.

      Don’t tell Muslims what to think. Don’t make them into “useful idiots” for Western imperialism.

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  2. Joseph is a Zionist and as such a supporter of genocide in Palestine. Make no mistake about it! In most cases I’m for interfaith dialogue, but not with a Zionist. He even openly admits he’s a Zionist.
    Our poor brothers and sisters have been slaughtered in Palestine for 70 years and there’s no end in sight.
    It’s a disgrace!

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  3. Freedom of religion also includes freedom from religion, whether that be Jew, Christian, Muslim whatever you can do as you please in your private premise or private residencies, public spaces are for all to enjoy and should be free from religious activities unless the are to mark particular festivals or events.

    As per the regulations and policies of the Royal Parks there is no right to prayer…PERIOD


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