Muslim Shaykh at Speakers’ Corner Confronts Extremist

Shaykh Muhammad who is generally seen as a leadership figure for the Muslim community at Speakers’ Corner took the initiative alongside Br. Ali Dawah to confront a Muslim who has been making extremist statements, contrary to the honourable teachings of Islam.

There are some who think that the Muslims at Speakers’ Corner do not do enough to police their own, but they do and this open rebuke is a clear example of this. Extremists are not welcomed to identify themselves as working with, or sharing any platform with the larger collection of Muslims at the park, and Shaykh Muhammad makes this clear, as does Br. Ali Dawah.

A heated video in some ways, but a necessary discussion that needed to happen.



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  1. I don’t personally know “Uncle Omar” but I suspect that either he is simply misguided and wrong headed in his interfaith interactions, OR he could be acting as an “Agent Provocateur” clandestinely pretending to sympathize with Muslims and their aims while inciting them to some incriminating action, or at the very least misrepresenting the Muslims in public forums in order to generate bad PR and ill feelings towards Islam.

    Either way, I agree such action should be rebuked by Muslims immediately in order to distance Islam from such gross misrepresentation.

    If “Uncle Omar” is simply misguided and wrong headed in his interfaith interactions, then I pray that Allah will show him the error of his ways guide him back to the right path.


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