Dr. Bart Ehrman on the Qur’an in 2018

Br. Sabbagh recently had the opportunity to sit with Dr. Ehrman, have a meal and a quick interview, in this brief clip he speaks on the Qur’an and as to why he cannot accept Christianity and the New Testament.

YouTube Mirror of Video: Click Here.

For the full interview, in Arabic and English, please see below:

and God knows best.

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  1. The core beliefs, and doctrines of traditional Christianity, have been utterly destroyed by Biblical Historical Textual Criticism, due in large part to the great variance in the numerous unpreserved texts which were poorly transmitted by Christian scribes.

    However due to the accurate transmission of the Holy Qur’an and its preservation over the ages by Muslims, there is a limit to how far textual criticism can be applied in the case of the Qur’an, and there is a limit to the damage that can be done thereby (especially in regard to core Islamic doctrines which remain untouched by such critical arguments). Any arguments that critics might make against the Qur’an, have already been foreseen previously, and anticipated by Muslims themselves using textual critique to test and answer such arguments.

    Therefore, as Dr. Ehrman indicates, there is a lot of scholarship still yet to be done in regard to Biblical NT textual criticism, while the same is not true of the Qur’an.

    All religious texts are NOT created the same. Islam stands strongly fortified upon the grounds of the Qur’an……while Christianity is a shaking house of cards.

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