The Study Quran and Muslim Intellectualism

Asharis: Assemble

By The Sultan’s Jester

The near hysterical reaction to the recently published ‘Study Quran’ by Seyyed Hossein Nasr and Co. was entirely predictable from inception: Nasr is an erudite scholar as well as a friend of the late Gai Eaton. Like Eaton, he is found to be a useful ‘face’ to present to the West by Muslims, but then just as quickly bashed with accusations of ‘perennialism’, (without anyone ever explaining what on Earth ‘perennialism’ is, honestly, I still don’t know what it is). He is also frequently accused of Shi’ism, rationalism, modernism and other crimes against humanity ending in ‘- ism’. He is rarely actually quoted or engaged with by his critics, which is why I was delighted to find this bold Hanafite tasking his critics to task for ‘thought policing.’

Nasr’s monumental effort in translating and commenting on the Quran using a diverse set of Quranic exegete’s works is a once in a generation, if not once…

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  1. I’m actually looking forward to getting through some of the accompanying essays.

    TBH I think most of those who are commenting on this have not read it all yet – how could they have got through it all in such a short time. Superman reading speed.

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  2. When it comes to hearsay it doesn’t matter, many of us don’t want to risk it. This book basically says that you can disbelieve in the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and still go to heaven, even though it’s wrong and clearly obvious to anyone who reads the rest of the Qur’an, it can trick people and is not doing so.


  3. heresy*


  4. How do you know it says that?

    Seyyed Hosein Nasr is a perennialist but he did not necessarily write any perennialist view in it.

    Indeed he wrote very little…I think just the introduction.

    So this book does not necessarily say this.

    Actually, it has classical authors for the commentary…not modern authors…perennialism is more of a modern approach.

    As Yahya pointed out, let’s wait and read it first.


  5. Omer, if I want to read classical commentary I will read classical commentary. Why do I need Iranian-Shiah born now perennialist in USA living Hussein Nasr to tell me what classical commentary says?
    When we say he is a perennialist then it is enough to say he is bad. We don’t have to read what he says.


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