Christian hate minister arrested

Perhaps Muslims should never take pleasure in the demise of those who spread lies and disinformation against Islam. Having read Dr Sookhdeo’s vile fundamentalist Christian propaganda in the past I was shocked to hear of his arrest and resignation from the Barnabas Fund a few days ago. Mehdi Hasan in The Guardian has rightly accused him of being a “crude, anti-Islam propagandist”. And it looks like he has been accused of sexual assault before. But I am happy that this particular man’s ‘Christian’ ministry has come to an abrupt end.  For that I am truly grateful.


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  1. Update on this from Wikipedia:

    On 21 November 2015, Patrick Sookhdeo was arrested by the Metropolitan Police at Heathrow Airport on

    suspicion of indecent assault.[23] The following day, Sookhdeo resigned from all roles at Barnabas Aid

    International and Barnabas Fund due to the media publicity around his arrest.[24] In February 2016, the

    trustees of the Barnabas Fund defended Patrick Sookhdeo and announced his intention to appeal the

    conviction.[19] They reported that twelve senior Anglican figures had concluded after looking at the evidence

    that “there had been a concerted move to take Patrick Sookhdeo down and destroy Barnabas Fund.”[19]

    It also described Sookhdeo’s arrest by armed officers from the Metropolitan Police at Heathrow after an ‘all

    ports’ alert had been issued for him, even though for a month prior, he had been living in his own home 100

    metres from the police station which prompted the arrest.[19].

    In early March 2016, it was reported that Patrick Sookhdeo was facing historical sexual assault charges against a woman dating back to 1977.[25] On 4 April 2016, Sookhdeo appeared in the Thames District Court where he was arraigned on one count of indecent assault on a woman aged 16 or over in Plaistow, East London, in 1977. He has denied the charge and is scheduled to face trial at the Snaresbrook Crown Court.[26]


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