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  1. Nice…Paul

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  2. I don’t know how you kept your patience with those Americans lol, but I would love to see you in Hyde Park with a speaker called Shabir you might have heard of him that would be amazing. Great video btw!

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  3. is calling somebody an animal not a sin? i sincerely and honestly think it is.


  4. thank you for your honesty Robert


  5. Dear Brother Paul,

    May Allah! grant you integrity and soundness in your religion, your life, your family.

    May Allah! guard you from what is in front of you and behind you , from what is on your right and on your left, over your head and under your feet.

    May Allah! Strengthen your religion, replace all your sins with Hassanat and grant you Alfredoos in the Hereafter.

    It truly is a blessing to have you as a brother in Islam

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