Do You Think You’re Saved? Rabbi Tovia Singer Illustrates How Paul Corrupted the Jewish Scriptures!

Published on 9 Aug 2016

‘It would be easy to argue that Paul was the most important convert to Christianity. Had Paul not joined the small, inauspicious movement, if he had not engaged in his extensive missionary activity; the fledgling group would have joined the ranks of many other Jewish sectarian movements, and vanished without a trace. Instead, as a direct result of Paul’s influence, Christianity was transformed into a worldwide religion across the Roman Empire and beyond. Moreover, the writings ascribed to him by the Church form a considerable portion of the Christian canon, of whose twenty-seven books, thirteen are attributed to Paul. The influence of his epistles on Christian thinking cannot be overstated. In this proactive broadcast, Rabbi Tovia Singer illustrates how Paul corrupted the Jewish Scriptures so that it appears Christological.’

Categories: Bible, Christianity, Judaism

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  1. How to Christians justify any part of their ever changing belief on a man who had never met Jesus? They don’t claim him to be a prophet so how can they take him for his word? Did Paul not get interrogated by Jesus brother or some early practitioners about why he was spreading utter nonsense and deifying Jesus and he lied to them saying that he wasn’t but then got found out because his disciples told the leaders to which Paul replied that he wanted a “trial by Cesare” as was the right of all Roman citizens?


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