‘Inconsistent Christian Tony Costa, Galatians 1:8, TDSB Protest, Ron Banerjee + Trinity Belief’

(Published on 4 Sep 2016). Yahya Snow writes:
‘A video of a protest against Muslim school children having prayer breaks during school hours was sent to me via email. I looked into the TDSB protest and noticed Tony Costa, who seems to a liberal Christian missionary, was being inconsistent and also quite conspiratorial about Muslims and Shariah in Canada. Hopefully this will help Muslims and serious-minded Christians to spot inconsistencies in the oft-repeated claims and oft-employed tactics of Christian activists/apologists online and offline.’

Categories: Christian extremism, Islam, Islamophobia, Life in the West

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  1. Wow, this Tony Costa guy is a pure white supremacist. His language s comparable to Britain First, Spencer, Geller.

    I really thought high of Tony, but this snake is more dangerous than others. At least others tell you what their stance are, but this devil’s son uses colourfulfull/deceptive language to disguise his hatred against Muslims

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