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  1. Priest: Hello my son, what is your name?
    Syrian refugee: Hello sir, my name is Hamza
    Priest: Haaa..mzzz..zaaa? That’s far too complicated for me to pronounce. Let me call you Dēmḗtrios.

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  2. Have the Greek orthodox said anything about this? Just curious as they are the official state religion in Greece.


  3. Considering that Muslim nations have failed Muslim refugees…


  4. Vulnerability compromise.

    Why is it that Jews, Muslims and others hardly visit refugee camps and try to take advantage of the situation to convert like Christians?

    Because that type of conversion is not sincere. Why persuade someone for insincere conversion because of a compromise due to vulnerability?


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  5. Comsidering the Christian nations are bombing the Muslim nations creating refugees…

    Arrogance, ignorance & Hypocrisy, a trinity you can believe in.


  6. This just highlights the fact it’s an emotion based religion stalking the week and the vulnerable.

    Pagan Paulianism spread by the sword by the crusading Western armies yet again. It has never stopped and will never stop only this time replace the sword with explosive munitions.


  7. Lassie said:

    “Probably because those groups you mention do very little aid or humanitarian work compared to Christians”

    LOL, no. It’s probably because those groups don’t like to take advantage of people’s misery and try to convert them! I remember reading an article shortly after the 2004 tsunami which mentioned how Christian missionaries tried to bribe Hindus in India to convert in return for humanitarian aid. This was not an isolated incident. It actually happens quite a bit.


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