Humbleness of a true Talib ul-‘Ilm (Student of Sacred Knowledge)

“Great honor to have read hadith to their brilliant scholar،  Sheikha Kinza al-Kitāniyaa in Morroco last week. She has memorized 1000 of hadith، large texts and exhibits a depth in spiritual matters that challenged me to work on myself and to push  myself to continue learning.”

Oklahoma native  Suhaib Webb who is currently the imam of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center.

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  1. A tremendous honor it must have been. I especially love the last part of what Suhaib said:

    “…depth in spiritual matters that challenged me to work on myself and to push myself to continue learning.”

    Its good to have knowledge that can encourage a deeper need to continue to learn as Socrates used to say that the result of knowledge is in knowing how much you don’t know.

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    • Indeed, Im so touched by Imam Suhaib strong obedient with Islamic scholarly tradition which emphasise dedication to learning especially from those who are considered knowledgeable by ummah. I feel ashamed that Imam Suhaib whom I consider person of knowledge still work through the pain seeking more knowledge to whom he considers more knowledgeable than him worthy as their student in all humbleness . Truly prophetic character.


    • Such humility i would argue tends to come through only after you have gained a depth of knowledge because you realise just how vast, complex, and multi-faceted it is. It leaves you with a far greater respect for those who have mastery of the field.

      On the outside looking in it looks easy because of how fluent these scholars are, in essence showing the result of their many years of dedication rather than the process of learning itself which takes time and a great deal of passion for the subject. I’m sure you know this due to your own studies of the Qur’an and the Jewish scriptures.

      Students are lucky in that respect to have the guidance from teachers so that they might reach such heights themselves without suffering as many setbacks or making mistakes that could cause misunderstanding.

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    • Yes, I too endeavor to seek knowledge by way of learning traditional Islamic scholastic method at the foot of those who posses the knowledge themselves whose chain of transmission, the sanad is unbroken up to the Prophet himself. Muslims should not learn religion by themselves or worst from the internet.


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