Part 2/2 : Br Hashim & Br Paul Vs Nathan || Speakers corner 2016 ||

Categories: Bible, Biblical scholarship, Christianity, Speakers Corner

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  1. how did luke interview mary? marry would have been how old? and if luke interviewed mary why didn’t he say he did?
    in the non-canonical writings there are more “insightful” details about mary right?


  2. quote:
    Was Jesus’ mother alive still when Matthew and Luke were written? Almost certainly not – she would have had to have been a hundred years old. She had almost certainly been dead for decades at the time of their writing. Who besides his mother could have confidently corrected the story? Well, presumably his father, but he wasn’t living then either. And his brothers would not have known anything about their parents’ sex lives. But even so, they probably weren’t still alive either.


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