Shamoun’s Heretic is McLatchie’s Delight

Calling Christians

Richard Lucas of SOLAS CPC has been declared a heretic by missionary Sam Shamoun, following an article by our esteemed Br. Yahya Snow:


The irony of this, is that Sam’s friend, Jonathan McLatchie is promoting Richard Lucas who Sam deems as a heretic, as an apologist to be learning from in his “Apologetics Academy”:


Jonathan has even put up the listing for Richard on his website:


Let’s make sense of this. Sam Shamoun and Jonathan McLatchie are friends. Sam Shamoun views Richard Lucas as a heretic, holding false beliefs about the Trinity. Jonathan McLatchie in opposition to Sam, has been promoting Richard Lucas as someone to learn apologetics from, announcing Richard’s appearance on his “Apologetics Academy” some 5 months in advance. Is Jonathan McLatchie promoting a heretic as Sam Shamoun views Richard to be? Is Apologetics Academy endorsing heretical views to gain an audience?

You can…

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  1. A note on this to Sam. I’ve added a little note responding to Sam’s FB on the original post linked too.

    I’m quite well aware this does not mean Dr Bannister holds this belief. Just because one of the Solas contributors holds certain beliefs that are considered unorthodox in evangelical circles doesn’t mean I’m trying to “discredit” the director of that organisation. Dr Bannister’s name was used in the title doesn;t mean anything aside from the fact that his name is more well known than Solas and Richard Lucas’ (with all due respect to Richard and Solas) thus for a blog it makes sense to mention his name. Your buddies JD Hall, David Wood and your former employers ABN will understand as they do similar stuff to encourage clicks.

    But the proof is in the reading or the post rather than looking at the title or a picture.

    Having said that, my suspicions on evangelicals and their true feelings concerning the Trinity doctrine are little conspiratorial. But, in case you’re interested, here you are.I wouldn’t be surprised if Bannister and others who are definitely part of Solas don’t believe in the Trinity or an orthodox understanding of it. I think a lot of public statements on the Trinity from evangelical personalities are lip-service to avoid being put under the microscope by evangelical Christians who are more theologically inclined. Coming out and renouncing the Trinity or preaching a an unorthodox view on it is career suicide for evangelical apologists, organisations and missionary groups.

    I’ve heard scholars in evangelical seminaries are being forced to sign they believe in certain evangelical declarations of faith.

    Richard is friendly guy, Muslims should try to engage in more dialogue with him especially considering his opportunities will now be limited by evangelical Christians as they don’t want a “heretic” representing them.Richard, the door to Islam is open.

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    • ” Your buddies JD Hall . . . ”

      Hmm the same JD Hall he also holds responsible for the death of Ergun Caner’s son?
      This whole business is very confusing.

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  2. And Sam, I find it a little rich that you’re calling Richard a heretic when JD Hall and others are calling you on heresy as we speak

    Everybody is a heretic in somebody’s eyes! The Reformed guys think you;re a heretic, Sam.

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  3. Should not the Holy Spirit be playing a role here? Also, how many heretics were there in early christianity? Tertullian himself is a heretic!


  4. Instead of following such a confusing nonsensical creed, as well as being labelled a heretic, why does Richard not convert to Islamic Monotheism, free from Greco Roman Idolatry?


  5. In his debate, Richard said that he explains the Trinity differently than other Trinitarians.

    Actually what he calls Trinity is something entirely different from the usual Trinitarians. Its not a different explanation of the same concept. It is an entirely different concept.


  6. What proves without a doubt Sam Shamoun is trash, since he does not want to admit he is wrong on a technical point, when shown the proof he is wrong, is that he never admitted he was wrong in claiming the Inquisition killed 50-68 million people.

    When shown that real experts don’t agree, instead of admitting he was wrong, he started bullying, insulting , he is,here is the link to:

    ”Reformed Apologist and Expert on Islam, Sam Shamoun Claims that the Catholic Church Murdered “An Estimated 50-68 Million People”. My Reply”

    To all of Shamoun’s followers, do you approve of this?


  7. And here is another post showing Shamoun is trash, by Glenn Hendrickson:

    ”Sam Shamoun attacks James White (and blocks me on Facebook)”


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