The Gender Gap in Religion Around the World






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  1. Christianity is a very effeminate religion with weak emasculating teachings and practices that are more attractive to women than men.

    In contrast, Islam projects a strong masculine image that real men can identify with, while at the same time providing balance through teachings which temper even the hardest of men with humbleness and humility before God, even as the same teachings include and attract women to the Deen as well.

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  2. I am not sure about this scale ( weekly attendance) ?
    In Islam, it’s better for women to pray in their homes. If a woman didn’t attend Aljumua’h prayer, it doesn’t mean she is less religious.


  3. Interesting research!!


  4. The whole concept of masculine and feminine is merely a means to control the behaviour of the sexes, regardless of how you apply them. ‘Manliness’ is an outdated concept and traps men into certain types of behaviour, as does ‘femininity’ with women.


    • the pernicious ideology of militant feminism is now the dominant paradigm in the west, but it runs contrary to common sense and biological fact: that men and women, though equal in the eyes of God, are different in their natures and God given roles (eg only women can have babies, men are on average stronger than women and so on).

      Islam celebrates the differences. The west attempts to obliterate them.

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  5. The miscategorising of feminism as militant suggests to me you need to look at what feminism actually is and what it aims to achieve, instead of taking the more radical elements and focusing on them. Yes, men and women are different – but this doesn’t mean socially constructed ideas of masculinity and femininity are good things – they are trappings, that aim to define us by our sex, rather than by who we actually are as people.


    • feminism today is not like the feminism of old (which was often just in its objectives)

      Today it is man-hating and extreme. Most women no longer identify as feminist because of this militant ideology.

      The west tries in vain via increasingly authoritarian social engineering to change the God given differences between the sexes. It is doomed to failure. Nature will prevail over secular ideology.


    • That isn’t the feminism of today. It’s perhaps representative of SOME feminists who push to the extreme end, but it’s no more representative of the whole than IS represent Islam. The idea of feminism as an exercise in man-hating is rhetoric spread by MRAs and MGTOWs, who consider any threat to their established patriarchy as a sign of man-hating, when in fact, hatred from men toward women and the expected dominance of men over women remain real problems.


    • what are ‘MRAs and MGTOWs’?

      Patriarchy is the natural order of affairs between the sexes. The woman’s God given role as mother, carer and homemaker is nearly universal in human history. Men are naturally the providers and protectors of their family. This is not to deny the option of a working life to women but to recognise their primary vocation vis a vis their family.

      Feminism of all kinds today is at war with this state of nature. It will fail. Islam offers a viable wholesome alternative.


    • MGTOWs are ‘Men Going their own way’, in theory severing contact with women completely, but in reality whining like crazy that they can’t dominate women like in times of old. MRAs are Men’s Rights Activists, only they don’t truly care for men’s rights – instead they seek to prevent equality by keeping men above women in the hierarchy.

      This is also what a patriarchy does. It presumes the dominance of men in most areas of life – political, social, economical. It isn’t a good system for a woman – it is a system for enabling sexual harassment of women and for demonising women who try to address this – mostly via the demonization of feminism, through the cherrypicking of sources. Mention you’re a feminist and automatically the cry is ‘you’re a man-hater!’. This isn’t remotely true, but it is rather a popular means of shutting down conversation.


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