Incontrovertible proof that Jay Smith is a liar and hate preacher

The short video below shows Jay Smith (an American missionary targeting Muslims in London) accusing Muslims of getting pork products (ham, bacon etc) banned in Harrow, an area of London where he says he lives. Jay says he can no longer get ham anywhere in Harrow because of the Muslims. Watch the video below.

Today I called a Tesco supermarket (the UK’s biggest chain of stores) in Harrow and asked them if this is true. They assured me it is totally untrue. In all the five Tesco stores in Harrow they stock a compete range of pork products. I called 0345 677 9329 –  you can verify this for yourself if you wish. Here is a screen print from the Harrow website:

Here is a small section of pork products that Jay can easily purchase at his local store in Harrow:

This is incontrovertible proof that Jay Smith is a liar and hate preacher seeking to malign and demonise Muslims. What an odious man. 

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  1. Its amazing the length you have to go to to verify the most demonstrably outrageous and insidious lies by these crazy Christian sects.

    Brother Paul your patience is an example to all. May Allah SWT grant you more patients and reward you in this life and the next.

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    • Ameen

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    • Salam Alaykoum, they may call themselves Christians just like the Jesuits do, but we all know they are not, these are government agents and paid to lie and spread falsehood, most of them are atheists God haters.
      Brother Paul in case you need to upload videos anywhere other than on youtube let me know, I have a site similar to Youtube.
      I watch your videos (you and all the other brothers) on Speakers Corner if you pass me your email I will help you Insha Allah, I don’t live in London I am in the east Midlands.
      May Allah help you to spread the message of truth to all those who deserve to hear it. Don’t let them drag you down to their pathetic level, we know Jay Smith is a liar like many like him. You can see them all over the place attacking Islam and Muslims with anything they can lay their hands on.

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  2. Shameless. It is audacious too in that he is willing to stand in London and throw out this type of stuff whilst thinking nobody will call him out on it. I’ve noticed his group operate a policy of censorship so I wouldn’t be surprised if his followers don’t get to see this and other rebukes of Smith and his cohorts. When are Christians going to rebuke this guy?

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    • Indeed. Perhaps it is time James White spoke out about this as he has already done about Sam Shamoun.

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    • Although James White did do some good in rebuking Sam, the impetus for that was Shamoun attacking James’ ministry. If Jay Smith doesn’t lock horns with other Christians and try to disturb their “Ministries” I fear nobody on that side of the fence will rebuke him.

      Perhaps Justin Brierley could have second thoughts on inviting him on Premier but seen as he knows Smith is seen as kind of extreme by some Christians it doesn’t look like happening.

      And I doubt it will come from within, I would imagine the likes of Beth Grove and Sarah Foster are on the payroll so would they bite the hand that feeds them? Doubt it. Same applies to Lizzie Schofield, I suspect she gets paid for her services too, and even if she doesn’t she doesn’t seem like the most reliable person and seems very cold towards Muslims especially given the (fake?) police report claims and all that went with that

      Looks like we are on our own 😦

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    • I have shared this post with Justin Brierley. Let’s hope he speaks about this on Premier Radio. Jay Smith has been a regular guest.

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    • Salam Brother Paul,
      The one thing I keep seeing with some of our brothers who answer the critics, I must admit sometimes I feel like most of the time you play to the narratives of these people, what I mean by you, in the (impersonal) sense.

      Examples, I have heard people answering the wife beating there is a way of refuting this very successfully without resulting into a toothbrush or a Miswak business.
      All it takes is for us to read our Koran the way Allah sobhanou wa Taala meant us to read it.
      I will try and address some of the issues at a later time Insha Allah.
      Salam Alykoum all.

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  3. Jay seems to be steadily losing his marbles and is a perfect example of someone who has been self radicalized. The real shame is that he is leading others down a destructive path of hatred that will only cause Tesco in Harrow to lose out on its ham sales!

    Those poor pigs died for nothing 😥

    But seriously dude needs to stop with this persecution complex as well as do his fundamentalist friends, it just makes them look foolish and sad.

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  4. This is all the poor guy has to show for 20 years of screaming his lungs out in Speakers Corner: Zero converts and a string of flapdoodles about bacon, 28 Qur’ans and the Petra being the original Qibla.

    Writing status reports to his sponsers must be downright depressing exercise for the poor bugger “20.09. 2014/ Number of converts: None. Currently working on a few ideas…please send me more money” .

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    • Jay Smith told me two weeks ago that he is retiring back to the USA, but that he will return to London from time to time.


    • I was surprised to see him in one video with Caroline Cox, a known anti-Muslim propagandist and apparently some sort of sponsor of Toni Bugle’s group Mothers Against Sharia.
      I’m glad the recent videos/blog posts about him highlight his rhetoric as no different from that of the EDL.


    • Looks like he can kiss his goal of seeing Islam destroyed in his lifetime goodbye.
      The man has spent the best years of his life trying to stop a full scale hurricane with a fart- was one heck of a valiant effort… that last thing with the bacon had the entire Ummah on the ropes though.

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    • One Jay Smith retired 20 more recruited, it doesn’t mean anything.
      These guys are on the payroll not for the love of a particular God.
      I could see that Lizzie or whatever her name is, was not very comfortable, I have never seen her like this before.

      In this debate:


  5. Waiting for Paulus to come with the ‘christophobia’ comment(s)…

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  6. Some insightful comments to Yahya Snow’s Youtube video:

    ‘This wild-eyed liar, yes he’s a liar, is a Christian missionary called Jay Smith who uses wild anti-Muslim and anti-Islam polemics/rants for his “evangelism”. Serious minded Christians should not support Smith and his lies. For more refutations and rebukes of Jay and his Pfander team please see:

    vicachcoup 2 days ago
    A shameless christian liar.
    He has no fear of God at all.

    Mohamed Issa 6 days ago
    Lol i live close to harrow and have seen non hallal butchers and meat stores selling ham

    Skillasz 6 days ago
    Maybe he should stop going to Muslim owned corner shops then. Try Tesco, Asda, Morrisons or any other commercial retailer if you’re really that desperate lol.
    Reply 16

    salaam1st 4 days ago
    Jesus didn’t eat ham, so be like Jesus. Lol

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  7. Justin Brierley presents the Christian faith debate show & podcast Unbelievable on @premierradio in London. I shared my article with him just now. He replied on twitter:

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  8. I wonder if the guy gets into this persona and is only playing a role when he’s in front of a crowds and cameras or if is the true Jay Smith.


  9. The Irony is that Christianity is far more likely to be “destroyed” in his lifetime and its all thanks to people like him lol

    Thanks Jay keep up the good work! 🤣🤣

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    • It’s a sad fact that Christianity has become irrelevant in Europe, it’s historical heartland.
      Secular liberalism had taken Christianity to the shed and shot it in the head long before Jay Smith was a twinkle in his father’s eyes.

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  10. I personally don’t believe for one minute that Jay Smith is a Christian I believe he is on payroll and as his masters use what we call “Christianity” to attack Islam and of course which then will lead to both being widely demonised and ultimately cast a doubt in the minds of believers and those seeking God, they will be put off by the constant bickering between what appears to be two major religions. That is the elite’s plan, to destroy two religions with one stone, while atheism is gradually gaining grounds.



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