Schooling Tom Holland

Tom Holland is a bit of a celebrity historian here in the UK having published several popular works on classical and medieval history. He had a public spat with hate preacher Jay Smith a few years back when Jay claimed that he inspired Tom Holland to write a book about Islam, which led to a controversial Channel 4 (UK) documentary. Jay claimed that Tom also thanked him for inspiring him on his book and TV Documentary. When asked publicly, Tom Holland denied everything that Jay had claimed. However, it is not unusual for Jay to invent stories and to invent claims that are purely figments of his imagination, see this exposé here.

Tom Holland is also an Islamophobe who delights in rubbishing Islam. So when I came across him on twitter praising St Paul to the skies it seemed like a good opportunity to school him in NT history:

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  1. I was amazed at how reluctant Tom Holland has been with the whole 5-daily-prayers-from-drunk-Zoroastrians theory, even after Dr. Jonathan Brown schooled him on it, just look at his response:

    Amazing how he has managed (and still is) to ignore all the evidence and arguments by Dr. Brown:

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  2. You nailed him!👌🏼

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  3. So this is it, his ulterior motive for his islamophobia is Paulism. No wonder.

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  4. Tom Holland said something good about Christianity a while back. The Christians got excited. Justin Brierley even brought him on his show.

    It turned out Dr Holland credits the modern West with Christianity’s teaching of separating church and state.

    So in effect, it’s a celebration of secularism yet Christians did not seem to click on.That’s the way I saw that saga.

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