Sam Shamoun & Appeasing Muslims

Recently Sam Shamoun posted a tirade on his Facebook page because of a video I had shared which was noticed by a few Christian apologists. The video featured Frank Turek of Cross Examined who basically discarded the need for believing in the inerrancy of Christian scripture. The video was already doing the rounds and a few other Christian apologists had already taken note of it, one of those Christian apologists referenced me because I said the video was useful for helping Muslims do da’wah. There’s nothing controversial about that statement, the problem was not that I shared the video, but of which Christian apologist referenced my comments about said video. That apologist was Dr. James White. Sam took that opportunity to claim that Dr. White was appeasing us Muslims by speaking out against another Christian apologist (Turek) who was minimizing or discarding the doctrine of inerrancy. Here’s Sam’s tirade:

sam fb post

Let’s begin with Sam’s first claim, “It is another thing to be so giddy about helping your Muslim “friend” discredit a fellow Christian brother’s case for the faith…”. See, that’s a problem because as Sam well knows he asked myself and Br. Yahya Snow to make posts and videos discrediting Dr. James White.

December 16th, 2016:

Since you like to make videos of stuff we say, here is one I just posted on White:

This is an older response from Christian Prince where he takes James White to task for mocking Robert Morey for his stance on destroying the Kabah, while also catching White in a major blunder concerning the Kabah, and the reason why Muslims pray towards it. Quite embarrassing for White and serves as a reminder that we need to be a little more humble, especially when criticizing others lest the same measure we use comes back to bite us:

January 25th, 2017:

When did James White rebuke David Wood? BTW, you guys feel free to take my posts rebuking White and holding him accountable to his own standard which he uses against Christians. It’s about time someone gives him a taste of his own medicine.

January 28th, 2017:

Please do announce it and spread it everywhere so that people can start pressuring White to accept our debate challenges. Inform him to not take the cowardly route of talking about us on the DL show but talking to us by accept our debate challenge.

Perhaps Sam can correct me, but he has done and is doing the very same thing he is accusing Dr. White of. Strangely enough, Dr. White has never asked me to malign Sam or make a video, or share a post, or to promote anything regarding Sam.

(…and if Sam forgets, the last time I mentioned these emails here on BT, he gave me permission to share their contents.)

Sam then called me a bunch of names, but this isn’t unusual, from time to time he likes to remind us of how much he likes myself and Br. Yahya, right here on Blogging Theology:

At the end of his tirade, he mentions that people should perhaps invite him for events so they could learn the “truth” about Islam. Unfortunately, for a guy who has so much “experience” and “knowledge”, I don’t seem to recall him being invited to any recent events to teach anything. He’s not on ABN, and it’s funny because despite publicly rebuking ABN/ Trinity Channel for misusing donations and hosting heretical teachers, his Facebook profile photo still advertises on behalf of ABN:

sam abn

Sam’s FB Photo Still Features him on ABN

Heck he’s fallen down so low on the totem pole of modern Christian apologists, he has to go to the library to use the internet to speak about Islam and Muslims. You’d think that after two decades he’d be able to manage his ministry a bit better. Instead, while he throws insults at myself and Yahya, occasionally begging us to debate him or advertise his posts, we have better things to do with our time. In some parting advice, perhaps it’s best to stick with Paltalk Sam.

and God knows best.

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  1. Sam, contact Dr White in private and squash this internet beef. Every week something is being said by one of you (mainly you on FB and then White responds). You may think it’s interesting but it’s not. I guarantee most Muslims think it’s either boring or downright weird.

    Atheists and Nones are on the rise. You should focus your energy on tackling Atheism and Agnosticism.

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  2. And yeah, it’s a good observation from Ijaz. You were doing the same thing you’re accusing Dr White of.

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