The Intolerance of Tolerance – White/ Qadhi Fallout

Catch Up to Speed: What is the White/ Qadhi Issue?

Following a two-part dialogue between Dr. James White and Dr. Yasir Qadhi, an outspoken Christian missionary by the name of Sam Shamoun began a crusade against his coreligionist, Dr. White, for holding the view that not all Muslims are hateful, intolerant, bloodthirsty terrorists. The argument made by Sam was essentially that Islam in its entirety is an intolerant religion.

There’s a problem though. A big one.

If Islam is so intolerant, then why haven’t Muslims erupted in the same anger the Christian community has, for Dr. Qadhi allowing Dr. White, a Christian, to speak about the Trinity in a Masjid (mosque, Islamic center)? So far, some in the Christian community have referred to Dr. White as an apologist for Islam, an apostate, a useful idiot for Muslims. There has been a campaign to have his events cancelled, Churches have been called with the demand that he not be allowed to speak in them. There have been endless YouTube videos, social media posts, and articles damning Dr. White for his claim that not all Muslims are evil, intolerant terrorists. All this, being done by a portion of the Christian community who believe themselves to be tolerant.

Yet where is the same outcry from the Muslim community towards Dr. Qadhi? No major Muslim speaker or apologist has condemned Dr. Qadhi for his dialogue with Dr. White. He hasn’t been called an apologist for Christianity, an apostate or a useful idiot for Christians. There has been no campaign to have his events cancelled, Masjids have not been called with the demand that he be banned from speaking in them. There have been no YouTube videos, social media posts or articles by Muslims, condemning Dr. Qadhi. Remember, Muslims are supposed to be the intolerant ones, and the Christian community is supposed to be the tolerant one, if that is the case then why are the Muslims tolerating Dr. Qadhi’s events with Dr. White?

It would therefore seem that there is an intolerance on behalf of some sections of the Christian community, towards the tolerance of the Muslim community for that interfaith dialogue. The irony here is quite palpable. Surely then, if Dr. White is wrong and the Muslim community and the Islamic faith are intolerant, then where do we find the outcry from the Muslim community?

and God knows best.

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  1. sorry why can’t we go into Mecca?


    • Not having access to Makkah, is not the same as being intolerant. That would be a false comparison. Let’s stick to the issue at hand, if Islam is intolerant as Sam says, then why are Muslims tolerating the dialogue between Dr. White and Dr. Qadhi?

      Would appreciate an answer to this question.

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    • you can go to mecca. all you have to believe is that god is not 3 one’s or 3 in 1 .

      just one.

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  2. Defend Christ needs to understand that the smallest faith in America will be Christianity, at the end of Trump’s presidency. Sam shamoun is an evil human.
    Why did Nabeel have so many inconsistencies in his dream of Jesus, which converted him? Why did Paul as well?


  3. Excellent points. thanks to Ijaz for drawing attention to this discrepancy. Nothing illustrates the difference in attitude and approach to interfaith dialogue than this example. Christian fundamentalists and Islamophobes cannot even tolerate a single good or common word between Christians and Muslims. Their lifeblood, and financial sustenance springs from hatred, and their currency is bigotry towards Islam. Such Christians only highlight their own prejudice, intolerance, and hatred, by shouting accusations, and screaming insults about White’s actions.

    Meanwhile, the majority of Muslims are very tolerant, understanding, and eager to engage in more interfaith dialogue, conducted with mutual respect and understanding. I think that many Muslims understand that debate formats (although entertaining) often separate and divide people into two competing sides, while dialogue and conversation are much more conducive to bringing people together in friendship and understanding.

    In this day and age, we need more respectful, honest, fair, consistent interfaith dialogue, and interactions between religious traditions, especially the Abrahamic faiths. I hope James White, and Yasir Qadhi, and others faith leaders like them will lead the way forward, from intolerance to tolerance, from ignorance to understanding, from hate and exclusion, to kindness, love and inclusion, from war to peace………

    ……isn’t this what the Abrahamic faith tradition, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, calls on us to do?

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    • “Debate formats often separate and divide people into two competing sides, while dialogue and conversation are much more conducive to bringing people together in friendship and understanding.”

      I would add that this is one good reason why those like Shamoun prefer debate, because they can perpetuate an “us vs. them” mentality, and perpetuate the divisiveness and hate from which they make their name and benefit from financially.

      The antidote to all the hateful rhetoric, intolerant prejudice, biased polemics, is a respectful and polite dialogue, which leads to mutual understanding and friendship.

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  4. What’s funny is Yasir Qadhi is supposed to be a “Salafi” and even more “intolerant” than your average Muslim.


    • Khaled,
      Yasir Qadhi left the Salafi Movement a long time ago.


    • That’s why I put quotations marks around the word. However, he still follow the Salafi aqeedah and is still “Salafi in fiqh”


    • IC, you are saying that even with that background, Qaqhi is still more tolerant than the fundamentalist Christians that are criticizing White.

      Yeah, that is funny.



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