Islam’s confession, ‘There is no god except God’, dethrones the state as God

Islam’s confession, ‘There is no god except God’, dethrones the state as God. God is the true and sole sovereign of the ummah in law & morals. For Muslims, the test of divine sovereignty is the power to legally revoke, in the name of God, secular law itself.

Muslims charge that, in secular legal codes, God’s rights (huquq Allah) over his human servants are neglected in favour of absolute human rights (huquq Adami). Islam, as a juristic monotheism, claims to balance these sets of rights. The Quran is not fully compatible with a secular notion of human rights and does not deliver the same set of rights. Thus, for example, even the de jure rights of Muslim women – and these are remarkably extensive in Islamic law though not in Muslim practice – differ from those secured by a Western feminism determined to achieve maximal rights for women while, from certain viewpoints, potentially neglecting the rights of the family and the legitimate grievances of men.

Shabbir Akhtar, Islam as Political Religion: The Future of an Imperial Faith, p. 150.


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  1. Scary. Glaring problem is that Muslims never agree on what God’s laws are.

    Secular law and government is way better than a system decided by a few religious men squabbling over the correct interpretation of a man in the 7th centriy


  2. Tell me then what Allah has got to say about e.g. road speed limits.


  3. I think you just made that up, Burhanuddin…


  4. …or did Jibreel tell you what to say?


    • Sometimes it seems that some people are willfully dense.

      Hmm, let’s see. What does Islamic law say about speeding? Well, nothing specific but it should be obvious to any nitwit that speeding would be prohibited because it is dangerous to oneself and to others. It’s not really that difficult to understand but like I said, some people are willfully dense.

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    • No HS or my personal Jesus Lol


    • ‘ولا تلقو بأيديكم إلى التهلكة’
      ‘And do not throw yourselves into destruction’ Quran 2v195

      ‘وعباد الرحمن الذين يمشون على الأرض هونا وإذا خاطبهم الجاهلون قالوا سلاما’

      And the bondmen of The All-
      Merciful are the ones who walk on the earth GENTLY, and when the ignorant address them, they say,
      “Peace! (Surah Furqan verse 63)

      Guess the Quran did talk about speed limits afterall. Nonsense!


  5. OK, Allah says nothing about road speed limits (-check-). There is of course a slight possibility that He just provided Burhanuddin with the answer “Slow down”, via the angel Jibreel. But I think we can rule that out. Because it is simply not always correct. Not if you drive too slow to begin with for instance.


  6. …which is why we should thank God for secular laws.


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