A Christian Missionary Lie: “Mecca Never Existed At The Time of Muhammad”

If you want people to think you have a low regard for truth then this is the way to go about it, Hatun Tash of DCCI Ministries says Mecca did not exist at the time of Prophet Muhammad. I kid you not, that’s what she said. Obvious falsehood. Here’s something I don’t get, evangelicals will tell you they have the Holy Spirit yet at the same time they have folks like Hatun who demonstrate (time and time again) to have a low view for intellectual honesty. Don’t their churches think this stuff is making them look dishonest in front of thousands of people on the net? The Bible scholar from Essex Uni, Francesca Stavrakopoulou, thinks Moses, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not historical figures and the Exodus never happened. If the lady in the video genuinely believes her wild-eyed comment that Mecca never existed at the time of Prophet Muhammad then surely she will think those Biblical figures and more never existed. Not to mention Jesus – yep there are people out there who think Jesus never existed.

Pfander Ministries refuted

More on Lizzie Schofield and DCCI Ministries

hatun low view

Embarrassing her church and Christian missionaries

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  1. Christians like Hatun never fail to amuse me!

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  2. Maybe you could at least link to a refutation​ of her claim. I’ve read elsewhere that there are discrepancies between the historical sources and the traditional Muslim narrative, and I was hoping to find the counterargument here.


  3. nazaret newer existed in time of jesus according to some.


  4. Dear Yahya Snow,
    Hello it’s Hatun Tash here.
    I was forwarded this article by a friend. Let me firstly say thank you for putting it up as it gives me opportunity to repent and apologise for making such a comment.
    I have been actually thinking about this comment, since after the debate l had with Mansoor. I am aware that it is unacceptable/ improper comment which l made as l said ‘Ahmed Deedad is dead, thanks God’. I am really sorry for making such a comment. It was something, l said at the that moment, any meaning and feeling. I am a Christian and my faith does not give me such a right to say something like this.
    I sincerely apologise for it.
    Best wishes
    Hatun Tash



  1. A Christian Missionary Lie: “Mecca Never Existed At The Time of Muhammad” | kokicat

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